Indigo Education Group helps students in Asia gain confidence in their abilities and develop their academic and career interests through language mastery. We innovatively fuse the best of educational and corporate practices and leverage on the latest technologies to provide accessible and engaging learning experiences.


Our vision is to be the top education hub in Singapore and Asia.


Values of Indigo which shape the work and teaching ethos of our staff: Distinction Passion Dynamism Competency Character Commitment (DPDCCC)


Indigo Pedagogy

The way we teach inspires with every lesson. Indigo Pedagogy is proven, structured, robust, and evidence-based, practised by teachers who know the best way to help you learn. We understand it’s a science and an art, and that it works best when contextualised to every subject. Cultivating a tried-and-tested classroom experience, our proprietary and patented formulae and methods motivate peak performance.

Quality Study Materials

Our study materials accelerate subject mastery. Designed for effective learning, materials are structured, thorough, and contextualised. We keep them relevant and fresh, always up to date with the latest syllabus and academic trends. We close any learning and content gaps and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of confident understanding.

Robust Out-Of-Class Support

We go the extra mile with robust out-of-class support. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community that makes it easy for everyone to get the help they need. From flexible replacement classes and booster lessons for students to seminars, consultations, and termly reviews for parents, we overcome challenges together in the short term and lay the foundation for long-term academic success and growth.




Indigo began in 2011 when two teachers and a human resource practitioner met. What brought them together is their passion and deep interest in education.

The two MOE teachers dreamt of starting a learning centre to build upon their pedagogy, one that had been proven by the strong academic results their students achieved in schools. They wanted to make their pedagogy available to more students, beyond the confines of one or two schools.

The HR practitioner was determined to resolve what he observed to be a perplexing and deeply troubling anomaly: academically bright hires who showed limited effectiveness at work. The knowledge they acquired in the university was too textbook-based. His years of corporate experience in talent management convinced him that to thrive in today’s environment, an individual needs to be emotionally resilient and possess high energy level, with the capacity for self-directed and practical-oriented learning. These are traits and habits formed during the first 12 years of a person’s education.

When the trio met, their conviction about education gave rise to Indigo. Indigo is a learning centre with a mission to make education relevant and sustainable for students from Primary 1 to JC 2. Indigo helps students achieve their desired outcomes and lay deep foundations for their tertiary education. Individual student’s personality orientation is taken into account, so that students can learn more effectively. Parents can enjoy the peace of mind.

Over the past years, Indigo has assembled a growing team of energetic and highly skilled tutors. The team is passionate about sharing their knowledge and motivating students to be self-driven learners, using proven pedagogical tools and enriching teaching materials.

Indigo’s enrolment has grown exponentially. In 2017, a new milestone has been reached with the opening of the flagship centre at Balmoral Plaza.

Since its inception more than 7 years ago, our stellar results have earned us a reputation comfortable among students and parents.

Indigo’s success to date is evident from the examination results of its students.

• Consistently, Indigo graduating cohorts attained high number of distinctions at national examinations, greatly exceeding national averages.
• Every year, our students go on to enter top Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford and Harvard. In addition, through our personalized university/scholarship application coaching, our students go on to realize their dream by attaining PSC, MOE, SIA and GIC scholarships.

Indigo inspires students to Go Further – distinctive beyond distinction. To be passion-driven and relentless in their pursuit of excellence.


Good is never enough.

From our teaching methods, assessment methods, programme design, to material development, the Indigo team constantly seeks to improve all its processes to maximise the value it brings to its students. With our hallmark Advanced Learning pedagogy, we ensure that all students will always be well prepared to meet with the demands required of them in schools.


We have a short-term focus on results, and long-term orientation in development on development. This means that while all our curriculum and materials are designed with the perspective to help students cope with the high demands of the national school examinations, they would also provide students with the necessary exposure and perspective to prepare them for their lives after school.

The teacher is very engaging in the class and encourages me to improve more and shows me how I can be less careless. The notes are great and enhances my school work. I also get to practice questions of different difficulty with guided examples.

Bethany Cheong

Methodist Girls' School

Secondary Express Math​

What I think Indigo really does differently from other centres is that they always have additional tips or case studies for us, which are really useful in revising for our GP exams without feeling lost.

Much more than just learning content, it is really enjoyable being a student at Indigo. Classes are interactive and engaging - an invigorating environment in helping us to learn essay writing techniques as well as to enjoy the process of crafting arguments.

Beyond tutoring, Indigo teachers are encouraging and friendly. This encouraged me to ask questions, seek feedback on how I can better improve my essays.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Indigo and I highly recommend Indigo for any JC student struggling with GP!

Cheryl, Student

Anglo-Chinese Junior College, JC 2

General Paper, Class of 2021

The tutors explain the concepts and answers very clearly and always reminds me to clear any of my misunderstandings so that I am more aware of how I can do better. I like that the tutors doesn’t just tell us the answers - they always explain why and they helped me to link the concepts so that the harder questions are less intimidating.

Lu Meng Meng

Nanyang Girls' High School

Secondary Express Math

The materials are extremely relevant to the topics we learn in school, helps me get prepared for new topics by introducing challenging questions, and the answering skills I’ve picked up in class have greatly benefitted me during exams.

Christina Sun

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Secondary IP English

I was not doing very well in Chemistry. I would often get Cs for Chemistry. I noticed marked improvements in my Chemistry grades after classesh Indigo. The tutors are really amazing and their patience ensures no one in the classroom gets left behind. They have genuinely helped me a lot - I understood Chemistry a lot more and I even began enjoying learning the subject as tutors love to share their passion for the subject.


Secondary Express Chemistry

St Joseph's Instituition,

The tutors are very friendly and more than willing to help us to improve on our weaker areas of GP. I highly recommend it for students who lack content as Indigo regularly updates us with current affairs in their materials. The content of the notes use clear and good language that we can use in our own essays.

Jing Xuan, Student

Hwa Chong Institution, JC 2

General Paper, Class of 2020

The materials are well-organised and put together so that I can revise with maximum efficiency. The lessons at Indigo are very interesting and motivate me to learn better. I look forward to every lesson at Indigo!

Nur Firzanah, Student

Nanyang Junior College, JC 2

General Paper, Class of 2020

The teachers are engaging, materials are straightforward and directly applicable to my studies and exams! Thank you for being passionate in every single one of your lessons and making them engaging!

Joelle, Student

Anglo-Chinese Junior College, JC2

General Paper, Class of 2020

The tutors are clear in explaining the analysis of different issues and answering techniques. The materials cover a wide range of topics, thus ensuring that we are prepared to tackle multiple types of questions. The current affairs section is very useful in deepening my understanding/ critically analysing world events which I can use in my essays. The tutors teach us how to approach an essay question (dissecting the questions as well as seeing it from multiple angles) and how to approach comprehension questions.

Kah May, Student

Eunoia Junior College, JC 2

General Paper, Class of 2019

Tutors help me understand the content in a fun way and it really takes the burden off my shoulders. The materials are useful and help me a lot. Having friends in the class makes learning not so stressful. Convenience is really important to me because I’ve been having many different events lately. I see that my hard work pays off in my results. Convenience is one part I really appreciate because my schedule is so tight and always changing.

Rachel, Student

Victoria Junior College, JC 2

General Paper, Class of 2019


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