Impact Beyond Education

It takes more than a single person or programme to help uplift our students to achieve their desired breakthroughs. Guided by our values, we believe it is a collective effort to do the right thing. We are a team of people dedicated to making a difference, working in partnership to establish strong relationships and rapport with our community partners for greater impact.

Heartstrings Walk - 10th September 2022

On the 10th of September 2022, Indigo ventured on our first ever Corporate Social Responsibility event - The Heartstrings Walk 2022 organised by The Community Chest. Together with other individuals, public and private sectors, Indigo gathered at Marina Bay Sands to embark on a 4km evening walk to support families in need, children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, seniors in need and persons with mental health conditions. Co-organised with Marina Bay Sands, the walk allowed participants to choose from the 4km physical or virtual walk.

As The Heartstrings Walk's Official Awareness Partner, team Indigo decked out in our newly minted Indigo shirts and took to the streets to serve a meaningful cause. Mr Samuel Lim (Group Chairman), Mr Isaac Lim (CEO), Mr Sean Koh (Head of Corporate Strategy) and Mr William Lim (Principal of Making Sense) were amongst the management team who enjoyed a fulfilling walk alongside Indigo staff, friends and family.

Going Further Together with You