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The Indigo Advantage - DHS

Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays

Quality Study Materials

We encourage flexible thinking and application (in line with the new syllabus)

We do weekly coverage of both Paper 1 & 2 components (~40 essays per year)

We ensure comprehensive coverage across all topics

Robust Out-of-Class Support

Submit ala-carte essay scripts for marking and feedback

Book a complimentary 1-to-1 consultation with our tutors

Flexible replacement classes and booster lesson schedule

Indigo Timetable

Hear from our past batches of DHS students who experience the Indigo Advantage

"The answering techniques and real-world examples learned in Indigo have strengthened my essay arguments, making them more compelling and concrete! My tutor’s guidance and patience has helped me to develop a strong foundation towards tackling essay questions and creating effective outlines!"
Vienna Ong, DHS
JC 2 2022 Economics Student
"Indigo GP notes are highly comprehensive and structure how I study and revise for GP, especially in the weeks leading to the examination. The Indigo tutors were also of great help and answered any questions regarding content and answering techniques. My A grade for GP is thanks to the tutors at Indigo."
Chen Xinyi, DHS
A for A-Level GP

Our Stellar Results - Indigo 2022 A-Level Results