Mid-Year Checkpoint

Pinpoint exactly what is holding your child back from excelling in the exams.

What will this programme do for you?

Concurrent Parent Session 

Brief of exam grade paper student is sitting for


A 12-week study plan based on your assessment


Baseline review of current strengths and weaknesses by topics and skills


Scripts marked in accordance to national assessment standards


Exam grade questions based on school’s syllabus to be completed under exam conditions and timeframe

Assessment Timeslots

Subject Date Time
Sec 1 IP Language Arts/English 31 May 2021 10am - 11.30am
Sec 1 IP Mathematics 31 May 2021 12pm - 1.30pm
Sec 1 Exp English 31 May 2021 2.30pm - 4pm
Sec 1 Exp Maths 31 May 2021 4.30pm - 6pm
Sec 3 IP Language Arts/English 1 June 2021 10am - 11.30am
Sec 3 IP Chemistry 1 June 2021 12pm - 1.30pm
Sec 3 Express English 1 June 2021 2.30pm - 4pm
Sec 3 Express Chemistry 1 June 2021 4.30pm - 6pm

Our Testimonials

In the past I was only comfortable with writing Science and Technology essays. However, after attending Indigo, I became more willing to write essays on other topics. The materials given contain a load of examples and elaborations which helped in my understanding of the topic discussed. The past statistics have shown that many seniors did well for their GP A Levels which gives me trust that Indigo will propel me towards my academic goals. I will definitely recommend it to friends who are struggling with GP as well.

Emily Wong
Victoria Junior College

There are many lesson timeslots to choose from so arranging a replacement class is hassle-free. The materials are helpful for my revision. Thank you for making the classes very engaging and enriching.

Shermaine Lee
Raffles Instituition

The tutors are really result-driven and encouraging which really spurs students to press on and enjoy the process of learning. I feel that it has been a very enriching experience and one that I have benefitted significantly from. Thank you for all the engaging, interesting and warm lessons that really sparked my interest to study GP, not just as a subject in A levels but also as a form of self-enrichment. It has been a wonderful experience :)

Sean Tham
Hwa Chong Institution

The materials are great and cover a range of questions of differing difficulty levels. The tutor is also patient and clear in explaining concepts. It has benefitted my math a lot and I saw a marked improvement in my grades. Thank you tutors for your guidance!

Lim Zheng Yu
River Valley High School

In my opinion, what truly distinguished William’s lessons apart from others was his passion for teaching and enrichment. Junior College Chemistry is no easy feat, but William imparted his knowledge in a manner that was lighthearted and inspirational. Often I found myself doing his tutorials instead of school homework because it felt much more effective and useful than the standard fare. His “know your basics” worksheets really trained my fundamentals, something I feel lacking in the fast pace of school academics and allowed me to tackle tougher questions in the examinations.

Tony Tong
Hwa Chong Instituition

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