No Mid-Year Exams for Sec 1 and Sec 3 in schools

How to tell if your child is on the right track?

What will you achieve?

Checkpoint Assessment

Review and identify the learning gaps before EOY Examinations

Concurrent parent session

Brief of paper student is completing
Study secrets of top performing students
Help your child with revision planning for Term 3


Baseline review of student’s current strengths and weaknesses by topic and skills

Marked Scripts

Scripts marked in according to National’s assessment standards

Exam grade questions

Based on school’s syllabus
To be completed under exam conditions and timeframe

Secondary One IP/Express

31 May, Monday, 10am - 12pm, English

1 June, Tuesday, 10am - 12pm, Math

2 June, Wednesday, 10am - 12pm, Science

Secondary Three IP/Express

31 May, Monday, 1pm - 3pm, English

1 June, Tuesday, 1pm - 3pm, Math

2 June, Wednesday, 1pm - 3pm, Chemistry

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