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Latest Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Economics Syllabus,
including H1 and H2 Economics

Indigo Education Group is the leading JC Economics Tuition Specialist in Singapore that covers the latest Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Economics Syllabus, including H1 and H2 Economics.

Established since 2011 to cater to the learning needs of JC students in Singapore, Indigo has produced one of the highest numbers of students who have achieved a distinction in their A-Level Economics examination, thus achieving its mission to provide top quality JC Economics H1 and H2 tuition for A-Level students.

Indigo JC Economics uses teaching pedagogy that is renowned to build higher-order-thinking (HOT) skills through content mastery practices. Our JC Economics specialists are MOE-trained, carefully selected, and possess more than 10 years of teaching experience. Indigo emphasizes on studying JC Economics as a fun yet important A-Level subject which possesses real-world relevance and influences future careers.

Not your typical sit-and-receive tuition, Indigo JC Economics students are actively engaged through well-designed study materials, current affairs that affect the global economy, and termly assessments to track their progress, ensuring peak performance at the A-levels. Both H1 and H2 Economics students are taught and guided on extensive case studies, the key use of exam answering techniques, and must-have essay writing and critical thinking skills.

Throughout the year, Indigo JC also delivers special programmes such as master classes, crash courses, and seminars with industry leaders, to cater to the A-level Economics students’ interests, academic requirements, and career aspirations. Not only do we ensure JC students in Singapore are well prepared for their Economics H1 or H2 A-Level exam, Indigo is committed to helping JC students enter their preferred university. Beyond the JC journey, our A-Level students are stretched to develop a lifelong passion for Economics, a key subject which influences and empowers everyday life, careers, and personal choices.

Have you cleared all your misconceptions?

Weak Content Mastery Skills

Common misconceptions and gaps in students' understanding of the subject.

Sub-standard Essays

Disorderly essay structure, along with shallow explanations and analysis

Limited Knowledge On Current Affairs

Lacking information about the changing events and policies in the global economy


Do you complete your evaluation for your essays?


We develop a passion for Economics by providing meaningful exposure for students. Tea sessions and seminars with leading industry leaders will continue to fuel a real passion for Economics.


To prevent accumulation of deficit learning. Termly assessments are designed to evaluate students learning progress.

Comprehensive Syllabus

H1 and H2 classes are distinct. The syllabus is designed to meet various school syllabus. A plan designed to meet the needs of different academic seasons eg. modular, crash, intensive courses.


Indigo's Economics Pedagogy is put together by a team of experienced tutors who used to teach in top JCs.


The tutors are friendly and approachable! I really enjoyed econs tution as the notes are concise and lessons are engaging!

Teo Rui Fang
Nanyang Junior College JC 2

I enjoy the pace of the lessons. Our teacher is able to explain concepts clearly and effectively, allowing me to better understand the concepts. I think it is helpful to my studies. Mrs Neo is a great teacher who can explain concepts clearly and she also runs through each case study/essay thoroughly.

Hazelle Leong Qye-Lynn
Hwa Chong Institution JC 2

The overall experience is good. Mrs Neo is able to conduct her lessons and bring across concepts in a very clear and concise manner. I am able to learn a lot from her teachings and my results have definitely shown improvement. Her lessons are also very engaging and there are lots of opportunities for critical thinking.

Tan Jie Kai Jacob
Hwa Chong Institution JC 2

The materials are all quite good and concise. The materials will very likely benefit my friends. Thank you so much for teaching us and making sure that the content is clear for all of us :)

Mike Sun Boxuan
Raffles Institution JC 2

My experience at Indigo was enjoyable. Thank you teachers for taking the time to explain the economic concepts and making sure that we understand them fully.

Nicholas Lee
Hwa Chong Institution JC 2

I have improved significantly after attending the classes here. The tutor is passionate and the materials have reinforced the concepts I was previously unsure of. Thanks for the hard work!

Dacklan Loh
Anderson-Serangoon Junior College JC 2

The tutor is friendly and can clarify my doubts well. The practices gave me adequate preparation for the exams and honed my answering techniques. Thanks for all your help & hard work :)

Loh Timothy
Hwa Chong Institution JC 2

The materials help to consolidate key knowledge effectively and the tutors explain them well. It’s a good place to go to have consistent practice and boost your exam skills. Thanks ma’am :)

Lim Zhi Qian, Joseph
Raffles Institution JC 2

The school notes can be overwhelming at times, with torrents of information given. Rather, Indigo provides concise notes which allows for easier revision. I improved significantly since joining indigo. Thank you Ms Aileen for teaching us!

Li Sirui
Eunoia Junior College JC 2

The materials come in handy during revisions and I can understand the flow of her explanations easily. I really love her teaching style as it is very exam-oriented.

Raffles Institution JC 2

The materials are straight to the point and contain good model essays that I can use as a reference. The teacher knows her content well and is capable of answering questions clearly, effectively clarifying your doubts.

Chua Qi Feng
Eunoia Junior College JC 2

A very comfortable environment to study in. It is a great place to improve yourself. She is a very capable tutor who knows what she's doing, more importantly she puts herself in the shoes of her students and tries to understand our thought process. This helps her to make her lessons more efficient and engaging, making learning more enjoyable.

Joel Lee
Eunoia Junior College JC 2

My Economics grades stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally decided to join Indigo. That is when I my grades improved. What I really appreciate about the programme is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question and aim for a L3 and E2 answer.

The Economics examples and articles shared were also very current and helps me to stay up to date on the latest economic affairs. This helped me to see relevance in the JC Econs syllabus and developed my passion further in this area.

Most importantly, the teachers are clear, concise and effective in delivery.

Dennis Looi
Raffles Institution JC 2

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