Indigo Express Programme

Indigo Express is designed to give our students a solid foundation in tackling the new challenges faced in Secondary school.

From understanding subject combinations to facing the O-Level exams, our aim is to support our students at their level. More importantly, we strive to help them grow in confidence and realise their potential.

We build confidence and stamina for rigour to face the O-Level exams at the end of secondary school

We push our students to stretch themselves with a rigorous programme to not only ready them for the O-Levels but set a strong foundation for the A-Levels.

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What students say about us

Mr Zachary Wu is a great and responsible teacher. I enjoy attending his consultation lessons. He also helped me with my school work and patiently clarify any doubts i have regarding to essays. I may change tuiton centres to attend his lessons instead as i prefer the way he teaches and the passionate he puts into teaching.

Jing Hao Wen Daven
Kent Ridge Secondary School, S2 Exp English

Thank you Indigo for all the enriching and effective lessons! The tutors have taught me well in comprehension, such that it has become much easier to analyse comprehension passages. My vocabulary has also improved significantly under their guidance.

Maximus Ng Zheng Long
St.Hilda's Secondary School, S4 Exp English

The teacher is very engaging in the class and strives me to improve more. The notes are great and enhances my school work.

Bethany Cheong
Methodist Girls' School, S1 Exp Math​

Mr Liw explains the concepts and answers very clearly and allows me to clear any of my misunderstandings quickly and easily. I like that he doesn’t just tell us the answers and the workings to it but also explains and links the concepts so that even the harder questions seems easy.

Lu Meng Meng
Nanyang Girls' High School, S4 Exp Math

I was not doing very well in Chemistry before joining Making Sense. I would often get Cs for chemistry. However, upon joining Making Sense, I noticed marked improvements in my Chemistry grades. The tutors are really amazing and their patience ensures no one in the classroom gets left behind. They have genuinely helped me a lot - I understood Chemistry a lot more and I even began enjoying learning the subject.

St Joseph's Instituition, Chemistry

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