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As the last two years of pre-tertiary education, Junior College demands the highest level of rigour from students. The aim of our JC Tuition is to help students hit the ground running, pace themselves academically and ultimately strive for excellence, aiming for their goals with aplomb! We believe that every student has the potential to be stretched and are committed to motivate each and every one actualise their capabilities.

Indigo JC Tuition focuses on building and sharpening the skills that students need to go beyond memorisation and content learning. Our teaching and curriculum development team understand the key requirements of the A-Level exams and what is necessary to excel in Junior College.

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What students say about us

Indigo has been extremely helpful in preparing for my GP A level examination. While most of my classmates did not know how to prepare, I was able to do so using the materials provided by Indigo. Indigo provides 1 model essay per week, from which we learnt good words and examples.

I would also like to commend Indigo for being receptive to feedback. Once a term, they would request for feedback from students. When I suggested leaving out the current affairs portion to allow students more time to do the comprehension, my tutor made that adjustment in the subsequent lessons. This receptiveness to feedback is something that has enabled Indigo to from strength to strength, and tailor the lesson experience to best suit students' learning.

Phillip Lee
Victoria Junior College

My tutor is a very patient teacher who is willing to stay behind after class to clarify our doubts. He is extremely dedicated and engaging. He can break down complex economic terms and concepts such that they are more palatable to students that struggle with the terminologies. Thanks to him, I managed to score an A for my H1 economics:)

Wee Sherya
Hwa Chong Institution

I was a private candidate and I joined Indigo's GP classes at Bukit Timah in 2020. I want to convey my utmost gratitude to my tutors in Indigo: thank you for the guidance and all the tips for GP! They were really useful during the A-Level examinations, in which I eventually attained an A for GP and a total of 87.5 RP.

Ying Yi
Private Candidate

Indigo has not only helped me to excel but also learn to enjoy the subjects I took in the last two years. Through its rigorous curriculum, it enabled me to have a firm foundation and equipped me with skills to tackle areas which I find more challenging. I find the concise notes and consistent practice to be immensely useful and comprehensive. Most importantly, the teachers were patient and highly engaging. My Math tutor was very dedicated in explaining concepts and he always inspired us to do our best.

Sheryl-Lynn Tan
Hwa Chong Institution

I’m able to find time for tuition regardless of the hectic schedule in school (afternoon remedials and lectures) thanks to the Saturday Early Riser lessons at 7AM

Keziah Sherlyn Vanessa Vickraman
Raffles Institution

My Econs tutor teaches with clarity, and more importantly she puts herself in her student’s shoes in order to understand how we think through questions and never leaves us in the lurch. Overall, she executes efficient and engaging lessons which I look forward to attending every week!

Joel Lee
Eunoia Junior College

My Economics grades stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally decided to join Indigo. That is when I my grades improved. What I really appreciate about the programme is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question and aim for a L3 and E2 answer.

The Economics examples and articles shared were also very current and helps me to stay up to date on the latest economic affairs. This helped me to see relevance in the JC Econs syllabus and developed my passion further in this area.

Most importantly, the teachers are clear, concise and effective in teaching delivery.

Dennis Looi
Raffles Institution

The lessons are very clear, packed with loads of information but yet magically concise. Thank you for impacting my walk with Chemistry, thank you for raising me from fails to feeling fantastic!

Odelia Ong
Meridian Junior College

Joining Indigo is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was blown away in that one lesson by the ease in which the teacher helped us to realise concepts, link topics together and remember things.

Felix Tseng
Dunman High School

Indigo/Making Sense is arguably the best (and most value for money) chemistry tuition in Singapore! The notes given to us were extremely concise and help us prepare well for exams. Not only that, the tutors (A level Chemistry Tutors) are extremely competent and passionate about what they teach, making lessons a lot more enjoyable and engaging. My Chemistry grades have improved significantly and I am really thankful.

Sammi Lim
Raffles Institution

Lessons here are not a mere repetition of school lectures. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with new snippets of information and knowledge. You made Chemistry interesting, insightful and funny despite its complexities. The tutors really made studying Chemistry a joy!

Alexander Koh
Saint Andrew's Junior College


Tian Rui Ying, Parent
Raffles Institution

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