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As the last two years of pre-tertiary education, Junior College demands the highest level of rigour from students. The aim of our JC tuition is to help students hit the ground running, pace themselves academically and ultimately strive for excellence, aiming for their goals with aplomb! We believe that every student has the potential to be stretched and are committed to motivate each and every one actualise their capabilities.

Indigo JC tuition focuses on building and sharpening the skills that students need to go beyond memorisation and content learning. Our teaching and curriculum development team understand the key requirements of the A-Level exams and what is necessary to excel in Junior College.

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I’ve joined Indigo since the beginning of 2020. As a JAE student, I was especially afraid of the vast content that we had to cover in school. Indigo’s curriculum was very well crafted, covering all essential content that was necessary for me to know. The notes provided by Indigo’s GP team was a very huge bonus for me given how every material was well planned out for, especially the essay and current affairs segment. Indigo’s unique teaching method allowed me to understand each topic much better, with good reinforcements from the current affairs and the thought provoking questions asked by the teacher which allowed me to see the issue through different lenses and perspectives. Special mentions to their tutor's clear method (the essay and current affairs segments taught respectively - initially, I was quite reluctant to learn or try out politics for my essay given that I wasn’t exposed to it during my Sec school years but throughout my two years in Indigo, I would say that my perception has shifted and I wouldn’t regret making that effort to study politics for essay (and yes, I also did the politics essay for As 🤣)

Bryan Shee (From O-Level track)

Raffles Institution

Indigo has not only helped me to excel but also learn to enjoy the subjects I took in the last two years. Through its rigorous curriculum, it enabled me to have a firm foundation and equipped me with skills to tackle areas which I find more challenging. I find the concise notes and consistent practice to be immensely useful and comprehensive. Most importantly, the teachers were patient and highly engaging. My Math tutor was very dedicated in explaining concepts and he always inspired us to do our best.


Hwa Chong Institution

Indigo让我提前为GP做好准备,为我奠定了非常好的基础。每个星期,老师会讲解不同的时事课题,加强我的知识储备,为我减轻了不少压力。很多有这个误解:学习能力较强的学生就一定会在GP上考A,但以我的经验,这并非如此。拥有语言天赋的学生常常低估了GP的难度,因为GP对内容和答题技巧的要求还是蛮高的。在高中时,我参加了很多课程辅助活动,但我很庆幸的是,Indigo有一个早上七点的班(7am Sunrisers class),让我能够更好地分配时间。

Laura Lee (Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholar)

Hwa Chong Institution

I really enjoyed my time in Indigo. Indigo's interactive and engaging learning has really helped me understand different view points and absorbed vital knowledge. Furthermore, the programme comprehensive coverage of examination skills has certainly helped me in tackling examinations and getting better grades (from a consistent E to S scorer to a B in the A levels). More importantly, the programme has helped shape my world view and instilled a habit of consistent learning through news reading by making it enjoyable. My teachers were outgoing and extremely easy to talk to which made interaction and enquiring that much easier. They were also always open to any forms of discussions and never failed to lend a hand, which definitely contributed to my overall amazing experience at Indigo.

Gerald Yeo

Temasek Junior College

My Economics tutor teaches with clarity, and more importantly she puts herself in her student’s shoes in order to understand how we think through questions and never leaves us in the lurch. Overall, she executes efficient and engaging lessons which I look forward to attending every week!

Joel lee

Eunoia Junior College

Indigo GP lessons helped me to understand how to breakdown and answer essay questions well, which provided me with a strong foundation in essay writing. Besides that, the weekly drilling and consistent revision enabled me to have sufficient practice!

Rachel Ong (MOE Humanities Scholar)

Eunoia Junior College

In my time with Indigo, I’ve improved tremendously from a D in my JC1 midyears to an A in my GCE A-Levels. This was only possible with the special programme that Indigo offers, that covers both essay and comprehension components in every lesson. This ensures timely practice of both components every week, to help us be more confident of ourselves in General Paper as a whole. The essay planning and discussions every week are effective in helping to guide our thought process while writing essays, which is key in helping us write clearly, with a broad discussion of the essay from multiple perspectives. To better prepare us for any weird questions that are thrown at us, Indigo tackles a wide variety of questions and topics, especially those we are often unfamiliar with and afraid to tackle. This gives us more assurance that we can do the same in examinations and continue to produce a well-written essay.

The different components of comprehension practised each week were also helpful in honing our answering techniques and training us to be more meticulous in our answers. To further prepare us for components like Application Question and our essays, the current affairs discussed every week expand our knowledge of pertinent issues happening around the world, and serve as an additional resource for examples we could use in our essays. Most importantly, this would not have been possible if not for the incredibly dedicated tutors in Indigo. Not only do they teach passionately, but also encourage us to enjoy and appreciate General Paper, a subject that is so commonly disregarded by others. It is with their teaching and pushing that motivates us to do our best and find joy in the subject.

Thank you, Indigo, for constantly challenging me to my limits, and motivating me to strive for excellence in General Paper!

Alwyn Tok

Temasek Junior College

Indigo has helped me truly understand the concept of Chemistry beyond memorisation. The teachers point out crucial bits and pieces of information while being patient and supportive when I don’t understand certain concepts. Through the great selection of exam questions, I explored topics that were not explicitly learnt in the classroom but expected from students which allowed me to excel.

Ian Hariyanto (ASEAN Scholar)

Victoria Junior College

My Economics grades stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally decided to join Indigo. That is when I my grades improved. What I really appreciate about the programme is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question and aim for a L3 and E2 answer.

The Economics examples and articles shared were also very current and helps me to stay up to date on the latest economic affairs. This helped me to see relevance in the JC Econs syllabus and developed my passion further in this area.

Most importantly, the teachers are clear, concise and effective in teaching delivery.

Dennis Looi

Raffles Instituion

Out-of-class support

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The teachers in Indigo were really very helpful and friendly. It was always a joy to go for lessons because they were so supportive and encouraging. Apart from providing the usual class notes, there were so many other resources available such as the oracle telegram chat and the free grading services! Will recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a good content knowledge and wants wide coverage of the news, both past and present.


Raffles Institution

I am thankful for the advice and constant support that my Indigo tutors would readily render. I saw the progress in my grades over time and the notes exposed me to very specific type of questions that test on your concepts well.

Benjamin Low

Tampines Meridian Junior College

My tutor is a very patient teacher who is willing to stay behind after class to clarify our doubts. He is extremely dedicated and engaging. He can break down complex economic terms and concepts such that they are more palatable to students that struggle with the terminologies. Thanks to him, I managed to score an A for my H1 Economics:)

Wee Sherya

Hwa Chong Institution

Indigo Chemistry lessons are very application-based which honed my skills to apply learnt concepts to tackle tough questions, giving me the confidence booster that I very much needed. I am also very thankful for the strong after-class support, where tutors are willing to go well above and beyond outside of lessons to answer all my queries. Their devotion to value-add their students’ learning eventually allowed me to secure my A grade in the A Levels.

Ho Xuen Hui

Dunman High School

My knowledge is always tested through the teaching style at Indigo Chemistry where by all students are asked questions throughout the lesson to ensure they understand. The comprehensive lecture notes, summary notes and encyclopaedias (from the Chemistry bootcamp) really helped me in my A-level journey. My teacher also helped me greatly with his engaging lessons and also his willingness to stay back after lessons to help us with questions we have. I am really glad to have made the decision to join Indigo :)

Charmaine Teng

River Valley High School

My Economics tutor was a very approachable and nice teacher who went the extra mile and was willing to answer my queries and mark the extra work that I submitted. He made Economics enjoyable and relatable which really motivated me to study the subject. Thank you!

Jing Wen Chew

Dunman High School

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I was a private candidate and I joined Indigo's GP classes at Bukit Timah in 2020. I want to convey my utmost gratitude to my tutors in Indigo: thank you for the guidance and all the tips for GP! They were really useful during the A-Level examinations, in which I eventually attained an A for GP and a total of 87.5 RP.

Ying Yi

Private Candidate

When it comes to Indigo, they certainly do not do things half-heartedly. Comprehensive, passionate and intelligent are but few words to describe the quality of the notes and teachers. With their patient guidance and intricate notes, I was able to pull my grade up from a mediocre B in my prelims, to an A in the A level examinations. I felt confident especially during the essay paper, as the centre's predictions were spot-on; equipping me with the right materials to write a beautiful, coherent essay.


Raffles Institution

What I think Indigo really does differently from other centres is that they always have additional tips or case studies for us, which are really useful in revising for our GP exams without feeling lost.

Much more than just learning content, it is really enjoyable being a student at Indigo. Classes are interactive and engaging - an invigorating environment in helping us to learn essay writing techniques as well as to enjoy the process of crafting arguments.

Beyond tutoring, Indigo teachers are encouraging and friendly. This encouraged me to ask questions, seek feedback on how I can better improve my essays.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Indigo and I highly recommend Indigo for any JC student struggling with GP!


Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Indigo's JC GP classes provided the necessary material for a broad range of topics and prepared me for answering various questions for each topic. The teachers are very qualified and explain with great clarity, often bringing in real world events off the top of their heads to make the classes more interesting and engaging. Needless to say, Indigo helped me go from scoring Cs in GP to an A in A levels.

Abigail Tan

Haw Chong Institution

I have been with Indigo since Secondary 4! My tutor is very patient in answering all my questions and doubts, and tries his best to engage students in every lesson. The materials provided not only build the basic foundation but also delves deeper into the more challenging questions. The paper this year was different from usual and I think Indigo adequately prepared me for facing unprecedented questions! I improved from a D (Prelims) to an A at A Levels!

Kia Hsuen

Eunoia Junior College

Thank you, tutors, for helping me understand Chemistry concepts better by explaining them in a way that is very simple and easy to understand. The way the lessons are structured is great, especially the intensive exam revision series before the A level exam as well as going through theory needed for the Practical. Indigo's notes are the most comprehensive I have seen so far and often, I use your notes for revision instead of my personal school notes. The June Holiday Bootcamp was very useful in helping me catch up and it served as a well-planned revision programme for me to score in my Mid Year and ultimately my A Levels! Thank you to all the Chemistry tutors!

Ranielle Chio

Raffles Institution

Indigo was very helpful in providing me with additional practice questions and structured feedback for my Economics essays. Techniques learnt helped me a great deal in scoring for my As.

Isaac Yang

Raffles Institution

Indigo Math notes are easy to read and understand. The thorough information has enabled me to properly tackle the exams.

Sean Tan

Catholic Junior College

Initially when I first entered Indigo, I had always been scoring S or U for GP. Indigo's lessons are very engaging as teachers require students to always remain proactive and answer their questions. I believe that the discussions held in class benefitted me greatly as I have the opinions of other students as well as my teacher's which allowed me to understand more perspectives which is vital in GP. The resources provided were of the highest standard, providing vital information for the various topics that GP tests, which helped me tremendously during the few days leading up to the GP exam. In the end, I jumped from S/U to an A for A Levels. The teachers are also able to pace themselves very well such that no student gets left behind.

Xavier Seng

Nanyang Junior College

I would like to express my gratitude and thank Indigo for the past 6 years of guidance to Adrian. He obtained ‘A’ for GP. Indigo will always have a place in our hearts whom has displayed resilience, responsibility, passion on students. Once again, Indigo - well done 👍 and thank you very much. 🙏

Parent of Wong Jyn Kai Adrian (GATE, Joined Indigo since S1 IP)

Hwa Chong Institution

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