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A popularized reason for choosing to enter JC is that it is considered a more direct path to university. However, many former JC students depict this period as the most tedious and disheartening 2 years of their lives.With gruelling schedules and hectic workloads, time seems to pass faster than ever and without even being fully prepared, the A levels are just around the corner. Grappling with these daunting challenges can be made easier with the right help.
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Our Teachers

Mr William Lin
Head of Science Department, Sec & JC Chemistry
  • More than 17 years of teaching experience.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Renowed A-Level Chemistry Tuition Centre Making Sense.
  • Awarded schorlarship by NUS to pursue PhD. in Medicinal Chemistry.
Mrs Stella Neo
Head of Economics
  • More than 25 years of teaching experience.
  • Former lecturer in VJC, SAJC, NJC.
  • BA in Economics from NUS.
Mr Samuel Lim
Group CEO, Director of Curriculum Studies
  • More than 21 years of teaching experience.
  • Former Head of Faculty, HCIS.
  • Former Subject Head, HCI.
  • Former GP and History Teacher, VJC.
Ms Shereen Ng
Head of English Department/GP & Upper Sec IP English
  • More than 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Former Higher Education Counselor, RI
  • Former GP Teacher, HCI.
  • Former GP Level Coordinator, TJC.
Mr Lui Hui Liang
Subject Head of JC Mathematics
  • More than 5 years of teaching experience.
  • Overseas government scholarship holder
  • University of California, Berkeley


Indigo has been extremely helpful in preparing for my GP A level examination. While most of my classmates did not know how to prepare, I was able to do so using the materials provided by Indigo. Indigo provides 1 model essay per week, from which we learnt good words and examples.

I would also like to commend Indigo for being receptive to feedback. Once a term, they would request for feedback from students. Mr Lim, the Principal of Indigo, also personally came forward to me and asked for how the lesson could be improved. When I suggested leaving out the current affairs portion to allow students more time to do the comprehension, he made that adjustment in the subsequent lessons. This receptiveness to feedback is something that has enabled Indigo to from strength to strength, and tailor the lesson experience to best suit students' learning.

Phillip Lee
Victoria Junior College

The materials are of compared to other tuition centres. The current affairs portion are very uup-to-date and relevant. A huge thank you to Mr Lim. I genuinely enjoyed his teaching style, as well as how motivating, fun and humourous he is. It is so admirable that even during COVID-19, online lessons were so well-structured and effective.

S Tinesh
Raffles Institution

Mr Ueng is a very patient teacher who is willing to stay behind after class to clarify our doubts. He is extremely dedicated and engaging. He can break down complex economic terms and concepts such that they are more palatable to students that struggle with the terminologies. Thanks to him, I managed to score an A for my H1 economics:)

Wee Sherya
Hwa Chong Institution

I was a private candidate and I joined Indigo's GP classes at Bukit Timah in 2020. Ijust want to convey my utmost gratitude to my tutors in Indigo, thank you for the guidance and all thetips for GP, they were really useful during the A-Level examinations, in which I eventually attained an A for GP and a total of 87.5 RP.

Ying Yi
Private Candidate

Indigo has not only helped me to excel but also enjoy the subjects I took in the last two years. Through its rigorous curriculum, it enabled me to have a firm foundation and equipped me with skills to tackle areas which I find more challenging. I find the concise notes and consistent practice to be immensely useful and comprehensive. Most importantly, the teachers were patient and highly engaging. Mr Lui was very dedicated in explaining my questions and he always inspired us to do our best.

Sheryl-Lynn Tan
Hwa Chong Institution

Mrs Neo is a very capable tutor - She teaches with clarity, and more importantly she puts herself in her student’s shoes in order to understand how we think through questions and never leaves us in the lurch. Overall, she executes very efficient and engaging lessons which I look forward to attending every week!

Joel Lee
Eunoia Junior College

The notes are really concise which makes revision very efficient. They are organized in such a way that content from each topic can be easily referred to. There are also a broad range of relevant examples for each topic which help me make my essays more substantial.

Seah Jia Yi
Tampines-Meridian Junior College

Indigo's materials are very comprehensive and detailed. Also, the tutors are very engaging and dedicated!

Joelle Lik
Anglo-Chinese Junior College

The teachers provide a wide range of materials and they are brimming with passion during their lessons. Mr Lim and Mr Edwin supplement their teachings with comprehensive materials like worksheets and videos that make my learning process more effective. The overall Indigo experience has been superb.

Boo Wen Jun
Raffles Institution

Indigo's tutors are clear and concise. Their materials boosts my content knowledge, are well-organized and relevant. It is also very easy and convenient to change lesson time slots.

Kim Minseo
Hwa Chong Institution

Mr Lim, thank you so much for the past years of tutoring my daughter. Frankly, she had never had A before in RI . I am very appreciative of the effort you have put in to help her achieve an A grade in A Levels.

Angel Koh, Parent
Raffles Institution


Tian Rui Ying, Parent
Raffles Institution

Mrs Neo is able to conduct her lessons and bring across concepts in a very clear and concise manner. I have been able able to learn a lot from her lessons and my results have definitely shown significant progress. Her lessons are also very engaging and there is lots of opportunities for critical thinking.

Tan Jie Kai Jacob
Hwa Chong Institution

I’m able to find time for tuition regardless of the hectic schedule in school (afternoon remedials and lectures) thanks to the Saturday Early Riser lessons at 7AM

Keziah Sherlyn Vanessa Vickraman
Raffles Institution JC2

I love how detailed and thorough the materials provided are. The tutors also explain the materials in great detail. I genuinely feel that the GP lessons here are very useful and definitely more beneficial than those taught at school due to various reasons. A huge thank you to Ms Shereen Ng for being so patient with all and engaging us as you teach.

Thin Nwe Zin
River Valley High School


Yao Yimin
Hwa Chong Institution

The tutors are extremely clear in the explanations and engaging during lessons. I have so much motivation to work hard for GP after joining Indigo. The materials provided are concise and more than sufficient for me. Thank you teachers for your unwavering dedication towards ensuring that we score well for our exams.

Leow Heng Hao, Cedric
Nanyang Junior College

The materials are comprehensive and consists of many useful points and arguments that I can adopt into my own essays. Upon joining Indigo, I have seen a marked improvements in my grades. I have already referred 3 of my friends to Indigo as I feel that the lessons here will be extremely beneficial to them. Thank you tutors for your utmost dedication and care towards us and our learning.

Abigail Tan
Temasek Junior College

The tutors are really result-driven and encouraging which really spurs students to press on and enjoy the process of learning. I feel that it has been a very enriching experience and one that I have benefitted significantly from. Thank you for all the engaging and interesting lessons that have really sparked my interest in studying GP, also viewing it not just as a subject in A levels but also as a form of self-enrichment. It has been a wonderful experience :)

Sean Tham
Hwa Chong Institution

The materials are well-organized and the notes are easy to refer to during revision. The tutors are engaging and clear in their teaching. I am grateful towards Indigo's teachers in their efforts in collating useful examples that we can incorporate into our essays. The lessons are also really fun and I enjoyed them very much.

Liyana Afiqah
Raffles Institution JC2

My Economics grades stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally decided to join Indigo. That is when I my grades improved. What I really appreciate about the programme is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question and aim for a L3 and E2 answer.

The Economics examples and articles shared were also very current and helps me to stay up to date on the latest economic affairs. This helped me to see relevance in the JC Econs syllabus and developed my passion further in this area.

Most importantly, the teachers are clear, concise and effective in delivery.

Dennis Looi
Raffles Institution

In the past, I was only comfortable with writing Science and Technology essays. However, after attending Indigo's lessons, I became more willing to attempt other types of essays. The materials provided contain many elaborative examples which really aided me in my comprehension of the topics discussed.

Additionally, the past statistics have shown that many seniors did well for their GP A Levels which makes me trust and believe that Indigo will propel me towards my academic goals.

I will definitely recommend it to friends who are struggling with GP as well!

Emily Wonğ
Victoria Junior College

The materials are concise and detailed. The teachers deliver the content clearly, streamlining the process of my learning. Indigo has improved my ability to tackle challenging GP questions. Thank you Indigo!

Thong Hui Min Anne
Eunoia Junior College

The lessons are very clear, packed with loads of information but yet magically concise. Thank you for impacting my walk with Chemistry, thank you for being such a fantastic teacher!

Odelia Ong
Meridian Junior College

The tutors are very engaging, and they never fail to highlight the essential aspects of questions and how to tackle them. Lessons are very informative and are able to improve the students’ critical thinking skills and evaluations.

Thank you for helping me make an improvement from an S to A and thank you for constantly believing in me. The essay planning and comprehension practice every lesson ensured that I was actively practicing my GP skills, and subconsciously learning about current affairs. The teachers’ nurturing yet assertive teaching style made GP lessons something I look forward to!

Ernest Ong
Hwa Chong Institution

Joining Making Sense is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was blown away in that one lesson by the ease in which the teacher helped us to realise concepts, link topics together and remember things.

Felix Tseng
Dunman High School

General Paper seems a lot easier and a lot more fun. I realized that GP is a subject where one can actually study for, in terms of building up knowledge about current affairs and mastering the skills to tackle essays and comprehension questions. While I would not say that GP is an easy subject, it is less difficult know because I know which areas to work on and I can do things within my control to improve my results.

I enjoy the lessons at Indigo because they are engaging and cover a wide range of content. The lessons are comprehensive as they cover all components of the GP paper. The curriculum is indeed rigorous especially with the lead-up to Common Tests and examinations with additional lessons.

I like how the notes are consolidated in a concise manner and builds up my current affairs knowledge. Thank you to all the tutors and front desk staff who are always very friendly and approachable!

Michelle Chong
Raffles Institution

Making Sense is arguably the best (and most value for money) chemistry tuition in Singapore! The notes given to us were extremely concise and help us prepare well for exams. Not only that, the tutors (A level Chemistry Tutors) are extremely competent and passionate about what they teach, making lessons a lot more enjoyable and engaging. My chemistry grades have improved significantly after joining Making Sense and I am really thankful.

Sammi Lim
Raffles Institution

Lessons here are not a mere repetition of school lectures. I have learnt so much more at Making Sense. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with new snippets of information and knowledge. I always found Chemistry to be interesting, insightful and funny whenever you taught complex concepts to us. William really makes Chemistry come alive!

Alexander Koh
Saint Andrew's Junior College

Despite the long travelling time, I found the lessons provided at Indigo extremely effective. I have already recommended 5-6 friends and they all enjoyed the lessons here as the teachers are very engaging.

Sherron Sim
Temasek Junior College

The lessons here are conducted in a condensed fashion which allows me to learn a lot within a short timespan of 2 hours.

Zhao Yuan Kun
Saint Andrew's Junior College

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