Indigo Integrated Programme

Students in the Integrated Programme are not required to sit for the O-Level examinations at the end of secondary school.

At Indigo, we focus on Advanced Learning - making use of this opportunity to gradually expose our students to the advanced levels demanded by the A-Level exams. Our IP Tuition programmes are geared towards:

1. Helping students gain a strong academic footing in English, Mathematics and Science

2. Exposing them to more challenging concepts based on the A-Level Exams syllabus

Even without the O-Level exams, Indigo IP sets a high standard for all students and strives for academic excellence.

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I would like to share my English journey with Indigo since Sec 2. When I was much younger, I was really not confident of my English skills and I think the point where I realised that I needed help for English was when I almost failed English and started losing my confidence for the subject. When I attended the taster lesson and the subsequent lessons, the clear explanations and the concise notes provided gave me an interest in world politics and current affairs. I would not say that it had an immediate impact, but as I proceeded up to Secondary 3 and subsequently to JC, I found myself being “armed” with a lot of content through the Indigo lessons, which gave me the confidence to tackle questions in GP.

In particular, I really liked the Indigo formula, which includes those of TIAKO (for question analysis) and the multiple acronyms to categorise our content knowledge or question requirements, namely CEFGKPPO and AAMME (for Singapore questions). Rather than charging straight at the question, these skills gave me a direction to look towards when interpreting questions, and subsequently sets the foundation of my essay and AQ. Furthermore, with the constant and strong emphasis on writing clear and effective topic sentences (which I spent a lot of time studying them), it creates an even stronger backbone for my essay. With these skills imparted (coupled with the constant current affairs drilling), it gave me a lot of confidence to do GP, even when I am unfamiliar with the topic itself.

Another thing aside from skills that I appreciate from Indigo is really the Ala carte essay submissions and consultations. One thing that GP requires is practice, practice and more practice. However, given the limited time we can spend with our JC GP teachers, we have very limited practice in school. As such, having a medium for us to practice coupled with extensive gradings for our essays really helped a lot in my GP journey, especially in terms of time management during the examinations and building up confidence when writing essays.

For that, I am actually very grateful to you, Indigo and your guidance, for helping me get the A that I was dreaming off 2 years ago. Thank you!

Ong Yan Deng (Joined Indigo since Sec 2 IP)

Eunoia Junior College (Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholar)

I would like to express my gratitude and thank Indigo for the past 6 years of guidance to Adrian. He obtained ‘A’ for GP. Indigo will always have a place in our hearts whom has displayed resilience, responsibility, passion on students. Once again, Indigo - well done 👍 and thank you very much. 🙏

Mother of Adrian Wong (Joined Indigo since Sec 1 IP)

Hwa Chong Institution

Having joined Indigo IP English since Secondary 1, I would say with certainty that Indigo lessons have been nothing short of fun and a lot of thinking. The tutors are always engaging as they can explain complex ideas using creative methods that allow us to understand the nuances behind important current affairs. Indigo’s extensive GP materials also provide a lot of head knowledge about what’s going on around the world, and this assisted me to draw important links between major events for GP essays. Not forgetting the countless essay questions every week which effectively prepared me for A Levels by exposing me to view critical issues from various perspectives. Overall, it has been a pleasant journey learning with Indigo!

Jyn Kai (Joined Indigo since Sec 1 IP)

Hwa Chong Institution

Materials for advanced learning

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The Indigo GP lessons helped me excel in GP by teaching me to analyse and elaborate various viewpoints insightfully. I think the Indigo notes are more structured so it is easier to see when I can use the examples when writing essays. The current affairs section also helped me curate and constantly update a list of suitable examples to illustrate various arguments.

Lan Shu Han Jasper (Joined Indigo since Sec 3 IP)

Raffles Institution

The English materials are extremely relevant to the topics we learn in school, helps me get prepared for new topics by introducing challenging questions, and the answering skills I’ve picked up in class have greatly benefitted me during exams.

Christina Sun

S4 IP, Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Out-of-class support

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My Science teacher will help me answer many of my questions after class. She constantly tries to improve explanations for questions, even questions that were already explained in class. She always ensures we understand what we've been taught and encourages us to ask questions before moving on.

Kellan Lim Zheng Kai

S1 IP, Catholic High School

My Math tutor helps me clear any misunderstandings quickly and easily. His support go beyond answers and the workings. He always explains and links the Math concepts so that even the harder questions become easier to tackle.

Lum Xuan Yu

S4 IP, Hwa Chong Institution

English was not one of my strong subjects. But I think Indigo IP English built a strong foundation for me. Continuing on to JC, I think the sheer amount of good content and examples from Indigo improved my essays. For a comprehension and AQ, the most important part was to gain constant exposure to different question types so I think Indigo was helpful with their vast amount of resources.

Wu Yi Zheng (Joined Indigo since Sec 3 IP)

Hwa Chong Institution (Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholar )

Indigo Chemistry lessons are very application-based which honed my skills to apply learnt concepts to tackle tough questions, giving me the confidence booster that I very much needed. I am also very thankful for the strong after-class support, where tutors are willing to go well above and beyond outside of lessons to answer all my queries. Their devotion to value-add their students’ learning eventually allowed me to secure my A grade in the A Levels.

Ho Xuen Hui

Dunman High School

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