Indigo Integrated Programme

Students in the Integrated Programme are not required to sit for the O-Level examinations at the end of secondary school.

At Indigo, we focus on Advanced Learning - making use of this opportunity to gradually expose our students to the advanced levels demanded by the A-Level exams. Our IP Tuition programmes are geared towards:

1. Helping students gain a strong academic footing in English, Mathematics and Science

2. Exposing them to more challenging concepts based on the A-Level Exams syllabus

Even without the O-Level exams, Indigo IP sets a high standard for all students and strives for academic excellence.

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Our Results

What students say about us

Mr Liw explains the concepts and answers very clearly and allows me to clear any of my misunderstandings quickly and easily. i like that he doesn’t just tell us the answers and the workings to it but also explains and links the concepts so that even the harder questions seems easy.

Lum Xuan Yu
S4 IP Math, HCI

My teacher will help me answer many of my questions almost every day and also replies very fast. She constantly tries to improve explanations for questions, even questions that were already explained in class. She always ensures we understand what we've been taught and encourages us to ask questions before moving on.

Kellan Lim Zheng Kai
S1 IP Science, CHS

Tutors are engaging, professional and committed but too many lengthy videos resulting in too much screen time each week. There is quantity and quality in videos provided but delivery is not efficient as it is 1 way and student may not absorb as much information resulting in waste of time and lower efficiency. Consultation is usually on another day resulting in some dis connection.

It is preferred that tutors can allocate some time delivering teaching live with 2-way interactions instead of students having to watch videos every week.

S1 IP English, RGS

The materials are extremely relevant to the topics we learn in school, helps me get prepared for new topics by introducing challenging questions, and the answering skills I’ve picked up in class have greatly benefitted me during exams.

Christina Sun
S4 IP English, SCGS

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