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Overwhelming Content to Memorise

There is too much content in Chemistry and too little time. Students struggle with major topics like Acid, Bases and Salts, electrochemistry and Organic Chemistry.


Misinterpreting the question will affect the extended parts of the exam question. There is a high cost to going off track from the start of the question. Furthermore, it implies that there are more misinterpretations of similar questions.


Most of the questions require application. With most students adopting passive forms of learning like reading, highlighting, and copying textbooks, they struggle to answer application questions. In O levels, application questions take up a large section of their entire O level grade.

Main Challenges

More than 97% of our students show improvement.
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Thousands of students have achieved astounding success with our award-winning tutor. As a leading A’ Level and O’ Level Chemistry tuition centre, Making Sense offers the best H2/H1 Chemistry tuition for JC & O’ Level students. We will make Chemistry fun and simple.

Top Quality Teaching Materials

we strive to develop top quality teaching materials that are on par or perhaps better than the top colleges. Every year, we invest a huge amount of time reviewing and enhancing our materials. Our tutors engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions, hold intense discussions and review tons of examination scripts to scout for the latest trends to popular questions.


With 80% of curriculum time spent on higher order thinking questions, students are trained to apply concepts in unfamiliar contexts. This will also stretch their thinking as they are more flexible in application and reinforces their understanding of concepts.

The Indigo & Making Sense Chemistry Approach


Effective Recall Of Key Concepts Learnt From The Previous Lesson. Concise Summary Sheets As A One-Stop Location For Everything You Need To Know About The Chapter.


Go Through Quick Conceptual MCQs And/Or Structured Questions Meant To Expose Gaps In Understanding. Hone Essential Exam Skills Such As Picking Up Keywords And Answering Techniques Necessary For The O Levels.


Complicated Concepts Are Simplified Into Layman’s Explanation For Quick And Effective Absorption Of Knowledge/Content Students Are Hand-Held To Constantly Apply Concepts To Relevant Exam Grade Questions Learn The Bags Of Tricks And Short-Cuts To Effective Way Of Learning And Solving Questions Reinforce Understanding With Quick Test Questions


Secure Marks By Practising Common Questions That Appear In School Exams And O Levels. Exams Techniques Will Be Generously Shared. Deepen Your Understanding On The Concepts By Attempting Harder Questions That Require Critical Thinking. Increase Your Chances Of Securing The Elusive A1!

The Indigo & Making Sense Chemistry Curriculum

Structured and Focused lessons

1. Power Summary Effective recall of key concepts learnt from the previous lesson. Concise summary sheets as a one-stop location for everything you need to know about the chapter.
2. Review of Homework Questions Go through quick conceptual MCQs and/or structured questions meant to expose gaps in understanding. Hone essential exam skills such as picking up keywords and answering techniques necessary for the O Levels.
3. Application Based Teaching Complicated concepts are simplified into layman’s explanation for quick and effective absorption of knowledge/content

Students are hand-held to constantly apply concepts to relevant exam grade questions

Learn the bags of tricks and short-cuts to effective way of learning and solving questions

Reinforce understanding with quick test questions
4. Higher-Order Questions Secure marks by practising common questions that appear in school exams and O Levels. Exams techniques will be generously shared.

Deepen your understanding on the concepts by attempting harder questions that require critical thinking. Increase your chances of securing the elusive A1!

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