English is a vital component of your L1R5 tabulation. What are the real issues behind not scoring well for English?

Weak vocabulary and grammar

Your sentence structure and diction affects the fluency and quality of your writing. This is highly pertinent to editing, writing and summary, which takes up more than 50% of the paper.

Difficulty in devising clear and concise topic sentences

Students are often unable to come up with succinct topic sentences that addresses essay questions

Limited knowledge on current affairs

Students often lack sufficient current affairs about the world as well as Singapore, which impairs their ability to craft high-scoring essays

Main challenges

There is a structured and concrete approach to studying English to ace your L1R5


Lesson structure covers expository/argumentative essay writing, comprehension, summary and current affairs
Weekly timed practices to ensure students are exam-ready.


2 specialised teachers per session who will each focus on teaching comprehension and essay skills in order for students to gain learn from differing perspectives and style.


Contrary to the thinking that English cannot be studied, Indigo's effective critical thinking models put together by ex-teachers from top schools, can be learnt and used to approach essays and application question

How we can help

Quality notes for easy revision

Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics carefully-curated based on current trends.
Top notch model essays and brainstorming techniques on a weekly basis.

Applicable and transferrable skills

In class, teachers focus on strategies to answering questions and provide multiple perspectives on an issue to develop critical thinking skills

Exam focused

In line with MOE exam trends, Indigo covers an extensive range of topics and comprehension text types weekly. Students also practise writing PEEL pargraphs and comprehension texts. This ensures that students are prepared for their O level examinations

Our curriculum

What to expect in Indigo classrooms

Editing / Comprehension / Current affairs

Complete various comprehension text types during classes

Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics carefully-curated based on current trends

Highlighting of pertinent points and keywords while reviewing answers

Translating current affairs knowledge into effective examples

Essay / Situational writing / Oral

Brainstorming ideas using newspaper articles

Practise writing PEEL paragraphs

Application of model essays

Developing skills to write high-scoring essays

Discussing and receiving feedback from tutors

Bringing you targeted feedback so we are aware of your learning progress to help you stay ahead

We deliver top results consistently

I have always been struggling with English and it was a huge concern as the subject must be used as a L1. However, my grades improved by leaps and bounds after joining Indigo. The materials provided are very resourceful and informative and I would like to express my gratitude to every tutor at Indigo.

S4 Express English, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

I used to score B or even C for English in secondary school, but with the support I received from Indigo throughout Sec 2 to Sec 4, I was able to improve and even achieved A1 for English during the 2021 O-levels.

​Talia Chan
S4 English Express

The materials are in-depth and relevant, thus preparing me well for all my tests and examinations. The tutors strive to make classes lively and engaging, hence making the whole tuition experience very enjoyable and enriching.

Lim Zhi Yu Bernice
Nan Chiau High School

Indigo has very amiable and encouraging tutors who constantly motivate us. Thank you to all tutors for making classes so enjoyable every week! I really respect how clear they teach, as well as their enthusiasm in engaging us and making learning such a joy!

Tanya Kwek
Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Thank you Indigo for all the enriching and effective lessons! The tutors have taught me well in comprehension, such that it has become much easier to analyse comprehension passages with Indigo techniques. My vocabulary has also improved significantly under their guidance. When we go through reading materials together, the tutors make sure we are clear about the topics before going through questions with us.

Maximus Ng
St Hilda’s Secondary School

The teachers are extremely approachable and helpful. After joining Indigo, I have seen a tremendous boost in my grades, from D7 to A2 in school exams. Thank you to all my tutors who have taught me so well and helped me improve and gain confidence in the English language. I always thought language cannot be studied but Indigo taught me to re-frame that attitude by showing me how to break down questions, sharing with me reading materials and guided essay examples.

Sek Ming Qian
School of Science and Technoloogy

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