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Extensive development of students’ abilities for all the
4 Papers of the GCE O-Level Examination (Written, Orals and Listening Comprehension)

Indigo Pedagogy TM

Effective Critical Thinking Model

Indigo English lesson is built around a tried and tested, effective critical thinking model.

Practice Based On Indigo’s Critical Thinking Model

We focus on teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays and answers. Learn to apply Indigo's trademarked critical thinking structures and explicity-taught language techniques to approach O-level English exam. In-class brainstorming practices and skills practices to build critical thinking and argumentation skills.


Termly assessments provide insight into learning gaps and progress for students and parents. Designed to give students’ and parents’ an understanding of their learning progress and gaps.

Quality Study Materials 

Revision-Friendly Study Materials

Study materials are provided weekly in an easy-to-file booklet with sections marked clearly.
Bi-weekly model essays provide a reference for writing style, appropriate vocabulary and linguistic direction.

Comprehension: Conciseness And Consistency

Segmented comprehension practices and full answers designed for students to grasp the necessary answering techniques for each question type.

Current Affairs: Clarity And Complexity

Contemporary issues and themes are explored in weekly current affairs notes. Written in a clear and concise manner for easy reference.

Robust out of class support 

Ala-carte Essay Marking Online Service

Get personalise feedback on your essay writing and watch your grades soar from practice by practice! Submit your essays for marking and gain a better understanding of your performance in accordance to the O-Level marking rubrics.

Termly Assessment and Feedback

Receive feedback on progress through termly assessments.

Complimentary Consultation Service

Book a consultation to clarify your doubts without waiting for the next in-class session.​

Lesson Coverage

Carefully curated deep-dive into the exam requirements with matching samples, challenging practices and skillsets helps to drive students towards maximising their grades based on their strengths.

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Hear From Our Students Achievers

My tutor from my Secondary 4 English express tuition classes at Indigo provides clear explanation of answers and emphasise the importance of clarifying any misunderstandings on concepts!"

She doesn't simply provide answers; rather, take the time to explain the reasoning behind them, helping me to connect the dots between concepts and making even the more difficult questions less daunting.

Christina, Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Indigo Secondary 4 Express English student (2022)

Indigo's Secondary 4 English express tuition classes provide a very conducive environment for learning and the tutors are both engaging and meticulous in their teaching. Although the Mid-Year Exams were challenging, it showed me where I was weak at and where I could improve in in my answering techniques.

Evan, Catholic High School

Indigo Secondary 4 Express English student (2022)

My journey attending English express tuition at Indigo has been very fruitful and enjoyable. My tutor is a very proactive teacher who always ensures all his students have fun while learning. He always goes the extra mile to connect and get to know his students such that no one feels left out.

Before, I was always unable to get the essay format right. However, my tutor always reiterates the essay format uses everyday life examples to explain it to me such that I was able to eventually understand it fully. I am very grateful to have been able to go for O-level English tuition at Indigo as my tutor has made learning English much more enjoyable. Through the lessons, I learnt how to write good introductions using quotes, recent trends and global events. Using the PEEL format in my essays ensured that I was able to write a well-developed essay without missing any points.

Charlys, Crescent Girls' School

Indigo Secondary 4 Express English student (2022)

My tutor at my English express tuition class is engaging during lessons and provides a good, concise notes to help us with the subject. The tutors at Indigo are serious about pushing us to achieve well and provides detailed feedback to help tackle our weak points.

Sarah, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Indigo Secondary 4 Express English student (2022)


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