English is the most important subject to score well in yet the most difficult to do so.

Weak Vocabulary and Grammar

Your sentence structure and diction affects the fluency and quality of your writing

Difficulty in devising clear and concise topic sentences

Students are often unable to come up with succinct topic sentences that addresses essay questions

Limited Knowledge On Current Affairs

Students often lack sufficient current affairs about the world as well as Singapore, which impairs their ability to craft high-scoring essays


You can excel in O Level English with the right help.


Wide-Exposure of Essays (>30/year) Expository / Argumentative Essay writing Online A-la-carte essay submissions and get feedback from tutors


Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics carefully-curated based on current trends


Generate various question types and answer them accordingly


Learn to apply Indigo's trademarked critical thinking structures for essay writing


ESSAY/SITUATIONAL WRITING/ORALBrainstorming ideas using newspaper articles
Practise writing PEEL paragraphs
Model essay
Developing skills to write high-scoring essays
Discussing and receiving feedback from tutors
EDITING/COMPREHENSION + CURRENT AFFAIRSComplete various comprehension text types during classes
Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics carefully-curated based on current trends
Highlighting of pertinent points and keywords while reviewing answers
Translating current affairs knowledge into effective examples

The materials are in-depth and relevant, thus preparing me well for all my tests and examinations. The tutors strive to make classes lively and engaging, hence making the whole tuition experience very enjoyable and enriching.

Lim Zhi Yu Bernice
Nan Chiau High School

Indigo has very amiable and encouraging tutors who constantly motivates us. Thank you Mr Wu for making classes so enjoyable every week! I really respect how effectively he teaches, as well as his enthusiasm in engaging us and making learning such a joy!

Tanya Kwek
Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Thank you Indigo for all the enriching and effective lessons! The tutors have taught me well in comprehension, such that it has become much easier to analyse comprehension passages. My vocabulary has also improved significantly under their guidance.

Maximus Ng
St Hilda’s Secondary School

The teachers are extremely approachable and helpful. After joining Indigo, I have seen a tremendous boost in my grades, from D7 to A2 in school exams. Thank you to all my tutors who have taught me so well and helped me improve and gain confidence in the English language.

Sek Ming Qian
School of Science and Technoloogy

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