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Students will complete the GCE O-Level Chemistry syllabus by June. This intentional approach ensures sufficient time for you to achieve mastery, effectively bridge gaps, cultivate essential exam skills, and confidently tackle exam- grade O-Level questions.

Blueprint to Secure an 'A1' Grade for Chemistry

How prepared are you to tackle the challenges of O-Level Chemistry?

A compulsory science subject for all express students, O-Level Chemistry requires students to have a strong understanding of scientific knowledge, effective time management, critical analytic skills and precise answering techniques. At Indigo Chemistry tuition classes, students will complete the GCE O-Level Chemistry syllabus by June. This intentional approach ensures sufficient time for you to achieve mastery, effectively bridge gaps, cultivate essential exam skills, and confidently tackle exam-grade questions. 80% of our curriculum time spent on higher-order thinking questions, training students to apply concepts in unfamiliar contexts. This will also stretch their thinking as they are more flexible in application and reinforces their understanding of concepts.

With over thousands of students under our belt, and 97% of students improving by at least 2 grades, scoring distinction for O-Level Chemistry is a formula comprising of the right guidance from teachers and commitment from students. Join Singapore’s leading O-Level Chemistry tuition centre now!

Main Challenges

Overwhelming content

There is too much content in Chemistry and too little time. Students struggle with major topics like Acid, Bases and Salts, electrochemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Identifying deceptive content

Misinterpreting the question will affect the extended parts of the exam question. There is a high cost to going off track from the start of the question. Furthermore, it implies that there are more misinterpretations of similar questions.

Questions that are beyond "difficult"

Most of the questions require application. With most students adopting passive forms of learning like reading, highlighting, and copying textbooks, they struggle to answer application questions. In O-Level, application questions take up a large section of their entire O level grade.

Indigo Pedagogy TM

Simplifying Complex Content

Learn essential strategies and approaches to grasp and solve O-Level grade chemistry questions and topics that students must master at the O-Level examinations.

Cultivate Higher-Order Thinking Skills

We focus on cultivating higher-order thinking skills in Express students so that they can confidently apply concepts within unfamiliar contexts, pre-emptively averting common pitfalls encountered during the examinations.
Often, concepts between O-Level Chemistry chapters are related, and students are required to link several concepts across different topics to answer questions. At Indigo, O-Level students are trained to break down complex concepts to better analyse question types. Adopting this teaching method allows students to better understand concepts and be able to produce concise answers suited to the requirements of different question types for O-Level examinations.

Exam Skills And Answering Techniques

We train students to adopt the marker’s perspective, developing the ability to construct coherent thought processes so they are able to produce concise answers suited to the different question types.

Quality Study Materials

In Line With Latest O-Level Exams Syllabus And Notes

Materials are carefully crafted for easy exam revision. This includes concise notes, power summaries, effective worked examples and quick test questions.

Curated questions to build a strong foundation

Quick conceptual MCQs and structured questions are carefully designed to expose gaps in understanding.​ Tiered questions to help students practice common questions that require critical thinking.

Homework on Demand

Consolidated practices are also included at the end of every topic to help reinforce concepts learnt and gauge individual understanding.

Robust out of class support 

Telegram support

Allows students can ask questions whenever they arise, without having to wait for the next session. This allows them to learn at their own pace, without constraints.

Complimentary Consultations

Complimentary consultation to clarify doubts, bridge the learning gaps and get specific guidance on areas for improvements

Quizlet to Study Overwhelming Chemistry Content

A power tool to help students master overwhelming O-Level Chemistry content with ease.

What to Expect in the Indigo Classroom

- Higher Order Questions

  • Secure marks by practising common questions that appear in school exams and O-Level
  • Exams techniques will be generously shared
  • Deepen your understanding on the concepts by attempting harder questions that require critical thinking
  • Increase your chances of securing the elusive A1

- Power Summary

  • Effective recall of key concepts learnt from the previous lesson

  • Concise summary sheets as a one-stop location for everything you need to know about the chapter

- Review of Homework questions

  • Go through quick conceptual MCQs and/or structured questions meant to expose gaps in understanding.  

  • Hone essential exam skills such as picking up keywords and answering techniques necessary for the O-Level 

- Application Based Teaching

  • Complicated concepts are simplified into layman’s explanation for quick and effective absorption of knowledge/content  

  • Students are hand-held to constantly apply concepts to relevant exam grade questions 

  • Learn the bags of tricks and short-cuts to effective way of learning and solving questions 

  • Reinforce understanding with quick test questions 

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Hear From Our Student Achievers

The tutor is very engaging and explains concepts well. The notes are helpful in cross referencing what I already know and checking my progress in my revision.

Hannah, Methodist Girls' School

Indigo Secondary 3 Express Chemistry student (2022)

My tutor's explanations are clear and he makes the subject more understandable. I also managed to clear my understanding of the topics I am unclear.

Jessica, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Indigo Secondary 3 Express Chemistry student (2022)

My tutor encourages students to ask questions and is always patient and willing to help. She also uses different ways to explain some concepts so the whole class understands.

Kew Ling Wei, Nan Hua High School

Indigo Secondary 4 Express Chemistry student (2022)

My tutor makes the lessons both fun and engaging! The concepts and answering techniques were taught in an in-depth manner.

Jolie, Crescent Girls' School

Indigo Secondary 4 Express Chemistry student (2022)

Indigo helped me improve in chemistry and I believe it will help others improve too. The resource notes are also simple but useful for me to refer to when studying. Tutors are very friendly and engaging during lesson while being able to teach the topics clearly.

Declan, St Joseph's Institution

Indigo Secondary 3 Express Chemistry student (2022)


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