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ICB Enterprise House (Near Bugis MRT Station)
116 Middle Road #07-02/03/04 Singapore 188972
6634 2208 / 8218 0427


We have a diverse representation across many Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools.


We provide you with around 10 time slots to select from to ensure convenience when booking replacement lessons.


Our highly qualified teachers will inspire your child to strive towards distinction.


Students will take part in termly assessments that will help us keep track with you child's learning progress.


Our centre will ensure that your child is fully equipped with the skills needed to excel in their examinations.


Our Teachers

Ms Shereen Ng
Head of English
Department/General Paper & Upper Sec IP English
  • More than 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Former Higher Education Counselor, RI
  • Former GP Teacher, HCI.
  • Former GP Level Coordinator, TJC.
Mr William Lin
Head of Science
Deparment, Secondary and JC Chemistry
  • More than 17 years of teaching experience.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Renowned A-Level Chemistry Tuition Centre Making Sense.
  • Awarded scholarship by NUS to pursue PhD. in Medicinal Chemistry.
Mr Samuel Lim
Group CEO, Director of Curriculum Studies
  • More than 21 years of teaching experience.
  • Former Head of Faculty, HCIS.
  • Former Subject Head, HCI.
  • Former GP and History Teacher, VJC.
Mr Liw Meng Yang
Subject Head of Express Mathematics
  • More than 9 years of teaching experience
  • BSC(Hons) Business, Singapore Institute if Mgmt University of London International Programme
Mrs Stella Neo
Head of Economics
  • More than 25 years of teaching experience.
  • Former lecturer in VJC, SAJC, NJC.
  • BA in Economics from NUS.

Subject Timetable


I jumped from a U in J1 to an A and so I’m happy about it ^.^

Indigo inspired me to do well for GP and help me improve my current affairs and vocabulary. My classmates scored C's and D's but those I referred to Indigo scored a B and higher

Wee Jia Yi JPJC

J2 GP Class of 2020

I did get my A's for Econs!

Hi Mrs Neo, thank you for your guidance over the past year 😊


J2 HCI Economics

I got an A!

Thank you so much for your guidance, Mrs Neo! Really appreciate it 😊Overall 6As + Higher Chinese A1 from A levels so it's good!


J2 HCI Econs

I got an A for Econs! :D :D

Hi Mrs Neo! I definitely have to credit your teaching for this result. Much thanks!

Yu Dong

J2 HCI Econs

I got an A for Econs for my A levels :-)

Hi Mrs Lim, I just want to thank you for your guidance and advice, especially looking through my papers individually and discussing with me on how to move forward from there, it really helped a lot.


J2 EJC Econs

I got a distinction in GP

I personally did a more general question for my Paper 1 (Q5) which requires knowledge across all topics, which I feel Indigo really equipped me with! We have gone through general essay questions multiple times in class so it was a rather "low bars to entry" and kind of question as opposed to more popular questions like the one that came out on media and free societies, which many students in my school who memorise examples and stats for essays tend to bank on (I would say around half my class did that question) As for paper 2, I think going through more non-conventional topics for AQ every other week really helped me to stay calm and brainstorm examples and apply them! Not to mention, doing SAQs and summary practices in class helped to build up my momentum such that I could accomplish on time with ease :)

Clarissa Aw Yuan Ting


Indigo teachers were really patient in guiding me.

I believe that Indigo’s teachers took the time to cater to my specific needs and areas for improvement. They also provided encouragement consistently. Indigo’s teaching materials were also really informative and provided me with a good understanding of various topics. This really helped me in essays and AQ. I also liked how the centre helped students develop their comprehension and summary skills consistently by focusing on tackling various question types. Really couldn’t have achieved this grade without the consistent support from all at Indigo.

Shruthi C Iyer

Raffles Institution, Distinction in GP

Indigo has been extremely helpful in preparing for my GP A level examination.

While most of my classmates did not know how to prepare, I was able to do so using the materials provided by Indigo. Indigo provides 1 model essay per week, from which we learnt good words and examples.

I would also like to commend Indigo for being receptive to feedback. Once a term, they would request feedback from students. Mr Lim, the Principal of Indigo, also personally came forward to me and asked how the lesson could be improved. When I suggested leaving out the current affairs portion to allow students more time to do the comprehension, he made that adjustment in the subsequent lessons. Indigo's receptiveness to feedback has helped Indigo improve by leaps and bounds, tailoring the lesson experience to best suit students' learning.

Philip Lee

Victoria Junior College, Distinction in GP

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