Indigo Sponsorship 2021



From the year 2021, the Indigo Education Group will be setting aside a portion of our yearly earnings to provide financial support to the children of needy families. Here at Indigo, we want to support a child’s passion for learning, especially those who desire to receive stronger support in their academic endeavours. Sponsorships to be awarded to existing students studying in MOE schools at the Secondary and Junior College level. This applies to any of the subjects that Indigo offers classes for. The assessment of the eligibility will be decided by the panel of Senior Management in Indigo.

Period of Application

  • 1 February 2021 to 28 February 2021
  • Successful applicants will be notified via email for an interview by mid- to end-March

Available Sponsorships

Level / Subjects

Secondary 1

Secondary 2

Secondary 3

Secondary 4

JC 1

JC 2













JC Level

JC Level


EXP / IP (General science)


(General science)

EXP / IP (Physics)




JC Level

JC Level

Making Sense, a member of the Indigo Education Group, will also be awarding sponsorships for any class they offer. These include:

  • Secondary 3 Chemistry
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry
  • JC1 Chemistry
  • JC2 Chemistry

A successful sponsorship will contain a full year sponsorship of tuition fees, with a required co-payment of 50% from the awardees, for the subject of their choice.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full-time student currently enrolled in a local MOE Secondary School or Junior College.
    • For 1st year Secondary IP and Secondary Express students, they will be assessed based on their PSLE results
    • For 1st year Junior College students, they will be assessed based on their ‘O’ Level results
    • For Students in their 2nd/3rd/final year of tertiary education, they will be assessed based on their academic records of the 12 months prior to their application in addition to their PSLE or ‘O’ Level results
    • For the Secondary Level, a candidate will only be eligible if their L1R5 amounts to less than 20 points, with C being the lowest obtained grade. For the Junior College Level, a candidate will only be eligible if their lowest obtained grade is S.
    • For all of the aforementioned required documents, the applicant has to obtain and submit the certified true documents in order to be eligible.
  • The recipient of the sponsorship must:
  • The sponsorship covers the normal candidature period for one's course of study with Indigo, provided that the award recipient diligently pursues and completes the course of study within the typical prescribed time required for its completion. The recipient’s academic performance will be monitored every semester.
  • The award terminates automatically if the award recipient should terminate prematurely his/her course of study at Indigo, and Indigo reserves the right to demand full refund by the recipient of all monies disbursed under the award.
  • Indigo reserves the right to suspend or terminate the sponsorship:
  • If the sponsorship is suspended or terminated for any reason save for that described under 3(c), Indigo reserves the right to demand full refund by the award recipient of all monies disbursed under the sponsorship prior to such suspension or termination.

(a) exhibit good moral behaviour

(b) refrain from committing criminal or disciplinary offenses

(c) demonstrate good academic performance in his/her content subjects

(d) have a good co-curricular activity record

(a) immediately at any time without notice if the award recipient

(i) commits a criminal offence;

(ii) is found to have committed a disciplinary offence;

(iii) participates in activities or acts in a manner which is, or is likely to be, adverse to the interests of Indigo, or which cause, or is likely to cause, embarrassment to Indigo;

(iv) in the view of Indigo, conducts himself in a manner unbecoming of a recipient; or

(v) breaches any of the terms and conditions herein;

(b) with notice if the recipient fails to maintain good academic results in his/her content subjects, or

(c) at any time by giving one month's notice in writing to the recipient without assigning any reason.

Terms & Conditions

  • · The Indigo Support Scheme is offered to full-time students that will go on to take the GCE ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level Paper in a public school.
  • · Candidates are allowed to apply for the sponsorship more than once.
    · Candidates are allowed to select and apply for a sponsorship of any subject offered by Indigo or Making Sense. However, this will be within the limits of the subject availability.
    · If a current sponsorship awardee maintains good grades and conduct, the sponsorship can potentially be renewed for the following year.
    · If the awardee does not show improvement under their one year sponsorship at Indigo, their sponsorship may be revoked in the following year.
    · It is compulsory for the scholarship awardee to attend all lessons which are sponsored by Indigo. In the event that the awardee is unable to attend a lesson, he/she must inform Indigo of their reason in advance.
    · In the event that the awardee decides to withdraw from Indigo’s classes OR is no longer sitting for the ‘O’/’A’ Level paper, he/she must inform Indigo in advance. The remaining time of the sponsorship will then be forfeited, but the awardee is not required to compensate for the months prior to them forfeiting the sponsorship.

Application Procedures

  • Fill up the application form on the Indigo website.
  • Provide the following supporting documents:
    • · Parents’ payslip (Latest 3 months)
    • · PSLE/’O’ Level Certificate for 1st year students going to Secondary IP/Express or Junior College
    • · Recent 12 months academic records from School (Secondary IP/Express) or Junior College for 2nd/3rd/final year applicants
    • · Certificate of Financial Assistance Scheme (if applicable)


Please submit your enquiries to [email protected]

Attention to: Mr Samuel Lim

Click here to download "Indigo Sponsorship 2021 Application Form"