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Memorising content

There is a lot of content in Chemistry and being familiar with all content will provide strong foundation for A level Chemistry.

Identifying deceptive content

Misinterpretation of questions is common, which may lead to loss of marks and time in exams.

Questions that are beyond "difficult"

Most of the questions require application. With most students adopting passive forms of learning like reading, highlighting, and copying textbooks, they struggle to answer application questions. In A levels, application questions take up about 48% of their entire A level grade.

Main Challenges

Hear our "hit the bulls eye" explanations

top quality teaching materials curated by our experienced Chemistry team

Mastery of Content

Indigo's trademarked acronyms allow students to learn content more efficiently.

Identify Deceptive Context

Students are trained to identify topics tested in commonly misinterpreted questions.

Common Exposure to Higher Order Thinking Questions

With 80% of curriculum time spent on higher order thinking questions, students are trained to apply concepts in unfamiliar contexts.


Receive feedback to identify specific areas for improvement.


1.Power SummaryEffective recall of key concepts learnt from the previous lesson. Concise summary sheets as a one-stop location for everything you need to know about the chapter
2.Reviewing of homework questionsGo through quick conceptual MCQs and/or structured questions meant to expose students to expose gaps in understanding. Hone essential exam skills such as picking up keywords and answering techniques.
3.Application Based Teaching & head start to JC ChemistryComplicated concepts are simplified into layman’s explanation

Students are hand-held to constantly apply concepts to relevant exam grade questions

Learn the bags of tricks and short-cuts to an effective way of learning and solving questions

Reinforce understanding with quick test questions

Going beyond the typical O Level syllabus to expose students to A level contents to prepare them for the transition into JC 1.
Higher-order thinking questionsApply knowledge and skills learnt to higher-level questionsDrills and prepares students for examinations

A very dedicated teacher indeed! It surprises me how well he remembers all our names, even though there are so many of us! Helpful and extremely knowledgeable, William’s worksheets and tutorials never fail to challenge us and activate your interests in the subject. It is of no doubt that William can be counted on to help achieve the grades you want. Because he explains concepts in an understandable yet precise way, without missing out on any small details. Furthermore, I can tell how much effort he puts into teaching us, working through day and night, sometimes even neglecting his own health.

Felix Yeoh
Raffles' Instituition

I was only under you for half a year but I can assure you, the impact you have made in my life was tremendous. I first joined your class during the Kinetics Crash Course just to accompany a friend, with no intention of joining the tuition mostly because I’m not someone that likes to go for tuition. Moreover, secretly I wanted to redeem the full refund just because I didn’t want to spend money on tuition. But I was astonished after that lesson as your teaching style was exactly what I needed and I have never been clearer for any other topic in Chemistry no matter. So for the refunding part, my dignity prevented me from even asking because I felt that you were really that good. If you taught in a JC, I’m sure you’d be the top lecturer.

Julian Low
National Junior College

In my opinion, what truly distinguished William’s lessons apart from others was his passion for teaching and enrichment. Junior College Chemistry is no easy feat, but William imparted his knowledge in a manner that was lighthearted and inspirational. Often I found myself doing his tutorials instead of school homework because it felt much more effective and useful than the standard fare. His “know your basics” worksheets really trained my fundamentals, something I feel lacking in the fast pace of school academics and allowed me to tackle tougher questions in the examinations.

Tony Tong
Hwa Chong Institution

Making Sense is arguably the best (and most value for money) chemistry tuition in Singapore! The notes given to us were extremely concise and help us prepare well for exams. Not only that, the tutors (A level Chemistry Tutors) are extremely competent and passionate about what they teach, making lessons a lot more enjoyable and engaging. My chemistry grades have improved significantly after joining Making Sense and I am really thankful.

Sammi Lim
Raffles Institution

Joining Making Sense is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was blown away in that one lesson by the ease in which the teacher helped us to realise concepts, link topics together and remember things.

Felix Tseng
Dunman High School

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