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Aligned with the ultimate goal of enabling students to excel in the GCE A-Level examinations and secure admission to top universities.

Build strong foundation for A-Level H2 Chemistry

Navigating the accelerated journey to A-Level H2 Chemistry

IP (Integrated Programme) Chemistry students embark on an expedited trajectory towards A-Level H2 Chemistry, encountering advanced concepts like Acid, Bases and Salts and Atomic Structure and intricate Chemical Bonding. This demanding curriculum also places a premium on fostering critical thinking skills and the ability to analyse complex data.

To excel in this challenging academic environment, it is imperative for IP Chemistry students to have access to a well-structured IP Chemistry tuition program. Such a program plays a pivotal role in ensuring that students not only grasp these advanced chapters but also gain the essential exposure required to excel in their school examinations. By providing a comprehensive and organised approach to their studies, this tuition programme paves the way for IP Chemistry students to confidently navigate their academic journey towards A-Level H2 Chemistry, setting the stage for their future success. Our curriculum is aligned with the ultimate goal of enabling students to excel in the GCE A-Level examinations and secure admissions to top universities. 

Main Challenges in IP Chemistry


There is too much content in Chemistry and too little time. Students struggle with major topics like Acid, Bases and Salts, electrochemistry and Organic Chemistry.


Misinterpreting the question will affect the extended parts of the exam question. There is a high cost to going off track from the start of the question. Furthermore, it implies that there are more misinterpretations of similar questions.


Most of the questions require application. With most students adopting passive forms of learning like reading, highlighting, and copying textbooks, they struggle to answer application questions. In A levels, application questions take up a large section of their entire A level grade.

Indigo Pedagogy TM

Integrated Lessons

Concepts taught through an integrated lecture and tutorial style for quick and effective knowledge absorption.

Simplifying Complex Content

Learn essential strategies and approaches to grasp and solve A-Level grade Chemistry questions and topics that students are required to master at Upper Sec IP.

Cultivate Higher-Order Thinking Skills

A focus on cultivating higher-order thinking skills in IP students so that they can confidently apply concepts within unfamiliar contexts, pre-emptively averting common pitfalls encountered during the examinations.

Exam Skills And Answering Techniques

We train students to adopt the marker’s perspective, developing the ability to construct coherent thought chains and master the art of expert answering techniques.

Quality Study Materials

In Line With Latest A-Level Exams Syllabus And Notes

Materials are carefully crafted to match the demands of H2 Chemistry. This includes concise notes, power summaries, effective worked examples and quick test questions.

Curated Questions To Build A Strong Foundation

Quick conceptual MCQs and structured questions are carefully designed to expose gaps in understanding. Tiered questions to help students practise common questions that require critical thinking.

Homework on Demand

Consolidated practices are also included at the end of every topic to help reinforce concepts learnt and gauge individual understanding.

Robust Out-of-Class support 

Telegram support

Allows students can ask questions whenever they arise, without having to wait for the next session. This allows them to learn at their own pace, without constraints.

Complimentary consultations

Complimentary consultation to clarify doubts, bridge the learning gaps and get specific guidance on areas for improvements

Quizlet to study overwhelming chemistry content

A power tool to help you master overwhelming Chemistry content with ease.

Hear our "hit the bull’s eye" explanations

Top quality teaching materials curated by our experienced Chemistry team

1) Power Summary

Effective Recall Of Key Concepts Learnt From The Previous Lesson. Concise Summary Sheets As A One-Stop Location For Everything You Need To Know About The Chapter

2) Reviewing Of Homework Questions

Go Through Quick Conceptual MCQs And/Or Structured Questions Meant To Expose Students To Expose Gaps In Understanding. Hone Essential Exam Skills Such As Picking Up Keywords And Answering Techniques.

3) Application Based Teaching & Head Start To JC Chemistry

  • Complicated Concepts Are Simplified Into Layman’s Explanation
  • Students Are Hand-Held To Constantly Apply Concepts To Relevant Exam Grade Questions
  • Learn The Bags Of Tricks And Short-Cuts To An Effective Way Of Learning And Solving Questions
  • Reinforce Understanding With Quick Test Questions
  • Going Beyond The Typical O-Level Syllabus To Expose Students To A-Level Contents To Prepare Them For The Transition Into JC 1

4) Knowledge And Skills Learnt To Higher-Level Questions

  • Drills And Prepares Students For Examinations

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Hear From Our Student Achievers

My tutor is really patient in helping us with questions we are unsure of. Thanks to Indigo's lessons, I'm much more clear about the concepts being taught and received wide exposure to different question types.

Xin Yun, Nanyang Girls' High School

Indigo Secondary 4 IP Chemistry student (2022)

The lessons are very engaging, especially with the use of Kahoot! The notes are also well-done and detailed and I have gotten a better grasp in organic chemistry.

Aaron, Hwa Chong Institution

Indigo Secondary 4 IP Chemistry student (2022)

My tutor is really dedicated to teaching us and would spare extra out of class time to answer our questions, and she also explains concepts really well and makes sure we understand them.

Chloe, Raffles Girls' Secondary School

Indigo Secondary 3 IP Chemistry student (2022)

The materials are informative and organised which makes studying easier. The tutors are also approachable and would spare extra time outside of class to answer our questions.

Tiffany, Raffles Girls' Secondary School

Indigo Secondary 3 IP Chemistry student (2022)

I was failing at science last year since I had no idea about anything in Chemistry. After joining Indigo, my grades went up instantly to an A* as the things taught in lesson were usually more deep than in school which allowed me to understand those topics much easier. My tutor is friendly and explains concepts well and in an elaborate manner, which makes exam questions not as much of a hurdle as they used to be.

Oscar, Raffles Institution

Indigo Secondary 3 IP Chemistry student (2022)


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