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Application Question

AQ is part of A level comprehension, a component which most students struggle with. To prepare students for their varied AQs in school and for A levels, students are taught to tackle AQ in advance.


Students often misinterpret their essay questions and lose focus in their writing. They are unable to come up with succinct topic sentences that addresses the essay question.


In secondary school, students often rely on their language to pull up their marks. However, with a change in essay content-language mark ratios in JC, students will find it even harder to score due to a lack of content. It is important to start early in their preparation for A levels.


Students require more concrete evidence in upper sec, where anecdotal evidence is no longer accepted. GP requires sufficient current affairs about the world as well as Singapore, ranging from politics to science and technology.


Your sentence structure and choice of words affects the fluency of your writing.


Providing you with a Structured and Concrete Approach to General Paper

A critical thinking framework put together by top school experienced teachers


Two specialised teachers per session Paper 1: Essay writing Paper 2: Compre / AQ / Summary


Wide-Exposure of Essays (>30/year) Expository / Argumentative Essay writing Online A-la-carte essay submissions and get feedback from tutors


distilled current affairs knowledge by topics carefully-curated based on current trends


Online ala carte essay submissions and get feedback from tutors


Enjoy preferential treatment at no extra cost! Expect lessons by our highly sought after tutors, priority check-in and refreshments.


Paper 1: EssayBrainstorming with a clear structure
Model essay
Critical thinking skills developed and improved vocab and grammar
An easy to follow approach to coming up with points by top students.
Paper 2: ComprehensionShort-Structured Questions
Application Question
Strategies and skills to answer any comprehension question
Paper 1: Essay
Paper 2: Comprehension
Current AffairsCarefully distilled Current Affairs topics based on past year exam question reviewed

There are many lesson timeslots to choose from so arranging a replacement class is hassle-free. The materials are helpful for my revision. Thank you for making the classes very engaging and enriching.

Shermaine Lee
Raffles Institution

The materials are concise and detailed. The teachers deliver the content clearly, streamlining the process of my learning. Indigo has improved my ability to tackle challenging GP questions. Thank you for all your help!

Thong Hui Min Anne
Eunoia Junior College

After coming to Indigo, I have become more adventurous and am more willing to attempt questions that I would not have in the past. I do feel more confident in my GP skills and my results can speak for itself. Thank you Mr Lim for always doing your best to help me!

Lim Jun Yan Charmaine
Yishun-Innova Junior College

The tutors are really result-driven and encouraging which really spurs students to press on and enjoy the process of learning. I feel that it has been a very enriching experience and one that I have benefitted significantly from. Thank you for all the engaging, interesting and warm lessons that really sparked my interest to study GP, not just as a subject in A levels but also as a form of self-enrichment. It has been a wonderful experience :)

Sean Tham
Hwa Chong Institution

In the past I was only comfortable with writing Science and Technology essays. However, after attending Indigo, I became more willing to write essays on other topics. The materials given contain a load of examples and elaborations which helped in my understanding of the topic discussed. The past statistics have shown that many seniors did well for their GP A Levels which gives me trust that Indigo will propel me towards my academic goals. I will definitely recommend it to friends who are struggling with GP as well.

Emily Wong
Victoria Junior College

Mr Lim is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and can provide me with meaningful advice on how to improve my GP grades. Overall, the teachers are very kind and helpful. I truly appreciatetheir help. You have really helped me improve my GP results. During lessons, Mr Lim's enthusiasm and passion for the subject creates the perfect learning atmosphere for us. Thank you and I will continue to work hard!

Miao Ruilong
Tampines-Meridian Junior College

The arguments in the model essays have great substantiation and elaboration. It is very helpful for students like me who require streamlined notes, fast-paced and focused lessons. I learnt a lot in one hour at Indigo than in a week of school.

Christine Sim
Raffles Institution

The materials are organised based on topic sentence, examples and analysis, which is easy to follow and comprehend. The tutors at Indigo place lot of importance on critical thinking which helps better develop a student's understanding of GP. I really enjoyed Mr Lim's teaching strategies through the usage of acronyms as it helps in question analysis.

Tng Shikai, Sherwin
St Andrew's Junior College

The explanations provided by the teachers are clear which are beneficial to my learning. Indigo nurtured my ability to think critically. Great to be part of the Indigo group!

Goh Ming Han
Anderson-Serangoon Junior College

The materials are comprehensive and the tutors are able to explain the content well. The centre is located near my house and the availability of many timeslots makes the tuition experience much more convenient. Thank you for the effort you put into the lessons! :)

Li-Ann Tan
Raffles Institution

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