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General Paper Foundation

Acquire the lenses to comprehend current issues and the knowledge to employ them appropriately to form strong and persuasive arguments for essay writing.
Develop the techniques to close read passages and to answer comprehension questions accurately.

Main Challenges


AQ is part of A level comprehension, a component which most students struggle with. Furthermore, not all IP schools include Application Question (AQ) in secondary school. The differentiated IP curriculum can lead to gaps in foundational knowledge, leaving students ill-equipped to confidently manage A Level General Paper examination. 


Students often misinterpret their essay questions and lose focus in their writing. They are unable to come up with succinct topic sentences that addresses the essay question. The problem of misinterpretation partly stems from the lack of exposure to A Level exam grade questions.


In secondary school, students often rely on their language to pull up their marks. However, with a change in essay content-language mark ratios in JC, students will find it even harder to score. It is important to start early in their preparations for A levels to ensure you have sufficient content knowledge to support their arguments. Some students circumvent the problem by spotting topics and memorising essays but the way questions are phrased in recent A level General Paper exams deem such study methods ineffective. 


Current affairs is the gospel of GP. Students require more concrete evidence in upper sec, where anecdotal evidence is no longer accepted. GP requires sufficient current affairs about the world as well as Singapore, ranging from politics to science and technology. Sadly, many students are not proactive in keeping abreast with current affairs. Even if they read cursorily, many have difficulties distilling the significance of the current affairs relevant to Argumentative essays.


Your sentence structure and choice of words affect the fluency of your writing.

Indigo PedagogyTM

A-Level Through Train Curriculum

An academically aligned curriculum woven to connect the dots of education, ensuring that students thrive in the present and laying the essential foundation for A-Level success.

Unique dual teaching system 

Designed to enrich the learning experience with different perspectives and styles, each lesson is taught by two specialised GP teachers focusing on Paper 1 & 2.

Comprehensive Coverage

Encounter different topics, engage with different types of questions, and practise different techniques on a regular basis with us to master the most challenging components of the A-Level examination.

A Structured Approach To An Abstract Subject

Contrary to popular thinking, GP can and should be conscientiously studied. Draw on Indigo’s tried-and- tested answering, planning, thinking, and writing skills and structures and develop the ability to apply what you know about the world to what is asked of you in GP exams.
We focus on teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays. Learn to apply Indigo's trademarked critical thinking structures and develop the ability to see the link between your in-depth knowledge about the world and address your arguments effectively in the GP examinations.

Quality Study Materials

Essays: Quality And Quantity

Exposure to you to as many topics, as many types of questions, and as many tricks and twists as possible.
Bring home excellent model essays that double up as revision notes and demonstrate ways to improve linguistic expression.

Comprehension: Conciseness and Consistency

Challenge yourself with our curated set of short questions, summary and application questions that train key answering techniques.

Current Affairs: Clarity And Complexity

A consolidated range of contemporary events for you to form an opinion on, clarify and contextualise advanced concepts, issues, and themes for you to draw on in the future. ​ ​ Put your newly-acquired ideas and insights into use with the list of relevant exam questions provided.

Robust out of class support 

Ala-carte Essay Marking Online Service

Get personalise feedback on your essay writing and watch your grades soar from practice by practice! Submit your essays for marking and gain a better understanding of your performance in accordance to the A-Level marking rubrics.

Termly Assessment and Feedback

Receive feedback on progress through termly assessments.

Complimentary Consultation Service

Book a consultation to clarify your doubts without waiting for the next in-class session.​

Lesson Coverage


Acquire the lenses to comprehend current issues and the knowledge to employ them appropriately to form strong and persuasive arguments for essay writing. ​ ​ Develop the techniques to closely read passages and to answer comprehension questions accurately.​

Secondary 3

Learn to grasp effective approaches to issues that concern them as youths, justifying their arguments with up-to-date current affairs. Acquire the competency to answer general value questions.

Secondary 4

Learn to grapple with broader issues at the societal level and understand the interplay and dynamics between the individual and the community. Acquire the skills to tackle more complex question types that involve comparison and addressing specific keywords.

Structured and Focused Lessons

Waste no time in research based group discussions (often conducted in school), every minute of in-class time is meaningfully spent.  Learn to apply Indigo’s trademarked critical thinking structures for essay writing and application techniques instead of memorising model essays! Harness your knowledge of current affairs to your advantage and master essential skills for Short Questions, Summary and Application Questions!

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Hear From Our Student Achievers

The current affairs and essay points taught are good and things I would not have thought of on my own. My tutor also makes the current affairs content more approachable by explaining specific parts in detail.

Jocelyn, Dunman High School

Indigo Secondary 4 IP GP Foundation student (2022)

The tutors at Indigo are very knowledgeable and are able to share what they know through their lessons. The notes are also very helpful in complementing the content taught during the class.

Jerry, Raffles Institution

Indigo Secondary 3 IP GP Foundation student (2022)

The lessons at Indigo are engaging and the current affairs and comprehension content are taught in detail. They are structured and well-organized; adding on as enrichment on top of school lessons to develop higher order thinking, as well as exposure to more topics and issues that plague our world.

Justin, Hwa Chong Institution

Indigo Secondary 4 IP GP Foundation student (2022)

The tutors at Indigo are engaging and the notes provided are detailed and of quality. The answering techniques taught (such as TIACKO) were useful and the explanations of current affairs and comprehension were in-depth and easy to understand.

Josh, Hwa Chong Institution

Indigo Secondary 3 IP GP Foundation student (2022)


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