Modular Literature Holiday Programmes available in march holidays

Julius Caesar, Animal Farm, Bridging course for unseen poetry.
Existing students have to sign up separately for this programme. Non-Indigo students are welcome to join as well!

Why is my child not scoring well for English?

Factor of ComparisonPSLE EnglishSec 1 and 2 IP Language Arts
PracticeRote learning
Memorizing grammar rules
past year papers to practice
memorizing phrases
Integrated learning
Applied skills and techniques
lack of revision papers
accumulated language deficit
Copying of passage
No literature
Written exams
Argumentative essays
critical analysis required
literature component incorporated in exams
More Project Work
TeachingTaught according to exam syllabusNo standardised national syllabus

Argumentative writing

With the introduction of expository and argumentative writing, students who only wrote narrative essays may be uncomfortable with this new format. Completely different styles of writing is expected from them in Language Arts. Towards secondary 2, students are implicitly encouraged to write argumentative essays with limited choices of narrative essays in their exams.

Current Affairs

Most primary school students do not read newspapers. This is their first experience with current affairs which is required in their argumentative essays.

Interpreting essay questions

Transitioning from primary school, students find difficulty in interpreting their essay questions and lose focus in their writing. They are unable to come up with succinct topic sentences that addresses the essay question.

Weak Vocabulary and Grammar

The sentence structure and choice of words affects the fluency of their writing.


Smooth transition from PSLE to Secondary

Scale greater heights with Indigo


Exposure to literary techniques and learn how to analyse and craft structured responses (PEEL) to unseen poem and prose.


Exam components covered weekly including comprehension structured questions, summary, essay analysis and planning techniques


Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics applicable to presentations and research projects Builds foundation for writing argumentative essays


Submit your ala-carte essays online anytime you do a practice to receive feedback from your tutors!


EssayNarrative/Personal Writing
Argumentative/Expository Writing
Language Arts/Unseen Poem Critique
Brainstorming with a clear structure
practice writing 2 paragraphs
model essay
Comprehensionstructured questions/summary/current affairsStrategies And Skills To Answer Any Comprehension Question
Carefully Distilled Current Affairs Topics Based On Past Year Exam Question Reviewed

There are many lesson timeslots to choose from so arranging a replacement class is hassle-free. The materials are helpful for my revision. Thank you for making the classes very engaging and enriching.

Shermaine Lee
Raffles Institution

The tutors are really result-driven and encouraging which really spurs students to press on and enjoy the process of learning. I feel that it has been a very enriching experience and one that I have benefitted significantly from. Thank you for all the engaging, interesting and warm lessons that really sparked my interest to study GP, not just as a subject in A levels but also as a form of self-enrichment. It has been a wonderful experience :)

Sean Tham
Hwa Chong Institution

The arguments in the model essays have great substantiation and elaboration. It is very helpful for students like me who require streamlined notes, fast-paced and focused lessons. I learnt a lot in one hour at Indigo than in a week of school.

Christine Sim
Raffles Institution

The materials are comprehensive and the tutors are able to explain the content well. The centre is located near my house and the availability of many timeslots makes the tuition experience much more convenient. Thank you for the effort you put into the lessons! :)

Li-Ann Tan
Raffles Institution

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