Congratulations - you have arrived at the threshold of an important academic milestone!

Demanding yet unique, the A-Level Examinations is an important gateway to your preferred university or post-education route. As Year 2 Junior College students, it is crucial for you to check that you are progressing on the right track in order to be ready for the most difficult exam.

Empower yourself with the right skills, avoid learning pitfalls, achieve your A-Levels goals and excel beyond expectations.

Our Learning System

✍️ Classroom Experience

Our teachers inspire an interest in their specialised subject through the implementation of research-based pedagogy within the classrooms. With the support of non-academic staff, our teachers focus on the art of teaching and helping students achieve their academic breakthroughs.

✍️ Study Materials

Indigo's notes and materials are updated and revised to keep up with current academic trends, needs and revised syllabus. They are curated to ensure students' efficient and effective learning. On top of that, Indigo's notes are structured, comprehensive and designed to help students build confidence and achieve academic excellence.

✍️ Out-Of-Class Support

We build strong support systems so you will never feel alone. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community. By ensuring parents take an active role in their children’s education, we are nurturing a supportive environment to help students achieve academic success through our extensive parent-student, online and offline engagement initiatives.

Our Results

Our Testimonials

The tutors always make the effort to explain concepts patiently, allowing me to better understand the content. The consultation sessions and allowing questions from schoolwork to be asked anytime also aided my learning.

Jasmine, Student
National Junior College
Mathematics (A Level)

Materials very succinct and clear, and any confusion I have about topics are usually cleared by tutors who are both approachable and friendly and knowledgeable in Chemistry.

Jin Kai, Student
Dunman High School
Chemistry (A Level)

I feel that my tutor is quite clear and good in explaining economic concepts as I am able to understand better than if I were to just learn in school, and I like that we are given a lot of materials to study from and refer to.

Rachel, Student
Dunman High School
Economics (A Level)

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