The A-Levels are a unique yet demanding undertaking. It will lead you in the direction of your chosen university admission and help you gain entry to scholarships.

As the last two years of pre-tertiary education, Junior College demands the highest level of rigour from students. To begin, subject combinations impact your career aspirations as they provide the foundation for University courses. The JC journey also presents new challenges to students who move on from O levels to A levels, due to the complexity of materials at the JC level.

Indigo believes that every student has the potential to be stretched, and are committed to motivate them to actualise their capabilities.

The Indigo Advantage

Indigo Pedagogy

The way we teach inspires with every lesson. Indigo Pedagogy is proven, structured, robust, and evidence-based, practised by teachers who know the best way to help you learn. We understand it’s a science and an art, and that it works best when contextualised to every subject. Cultivating a tried-and-tested classroom experience, our proprietary and patented formulae and methods motivate peak performance.

Quality Study Materials

Our study materials accelerate subject mastery. Designed for effective learning, materials are structured, thorough, and contextualised. We keep them relevant and fresh, always up to date with the latest syllabus and academic trends. We close any learning and content gaps and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of confident understanding.

Robust Out-Of-Class Support

We go the extra mile with robust out-of-class support. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community that makes it easy for everyone to get the help they need. From flexible replacement classes and booster lessons for students to seminars, consultations, and termly reviews for parents, we overcome challenges together in the short term and lay the foundation for long-term academic success and growth.

2022 JC cut off points for Arts & Science / IB

Junior College Arts Science / IB
Raffles Institution 5 4
Hwa Chong Institution 5 4
Nanyang JC 6 5
National JC 8 7
Eunoia JC 8 6
Victoria JC 8 7
River Valley High School 9 8
Dunman High School 9 8
Anglo-Chinese JC 9 8
Temasek JC 9 8
St Andrew's JC 11 9
Anderson Serangoon JC 11 10
Catholic JC 13 13
Tampines Meridian JC 13 13
Jurong Pioneer JC 16 14
Yishun Innova JC 20 20

Our Subject Offerings

Our Results

Our Testimonials

I feel that the materials are really useful as they really help me a lot in how to craft my topic sentences and expanding my vocabulary bank. Made me realise that GP is something can be 'studied' when we have a thought process and adopt writing techniques.

Xue Ler, Student
National Junior College
JC1 (General Paper, A Levels)

Lessons are very helpful as they cover content that school glosses over. Tutors are very engaging and teach clearly without rushing through. So many examples which I enjoy referring to especially during more hectic periods in school where I may have less time to revise.

Yue Qin, Student
Raffles Institution (Junior College)
(Chemistry, A Levels)

The tutors are very experienced and help me improve on my answering techniques. The materials provide a lot of content-greatly beneficial in saving time as I no longer have to wreck my brain over which sources to use especially in times of revision.

Hannah, Student
Raffles Institution (Junior College)
(General Paper, A Levels)

The tutors are patient and understanding in answering questions, as well as engaging. The materials provided are well-constructed as they provide clear guidelines on how to write an effective answer/essay.

Vera Chia Ning, Student
Hwa Chong Institution (College Section)
(Economics, A Level)

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