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JC2 Mathematics Orange Testimonials


Mr Lui is a very knowledgeable teacher. He can answer all of my questions and teaches me passionately. He even stayed back to answer my math questions after class. He taught us shortcuts to answer tough mathematics questions, and helped us internalise the different concepts. Although I only joined his class in J2, he managed to help me improve in my math from a S in my promotional examinations in J1 to an A in the A levels. Thank you Mr Lui for helping me achieve my distinction!

Lok Xin Yi

Hwa Chong Institution, Class of 2019

Indigo JC math has benefited me immensely due to the vigorous and detailed lessons. The materials given were relevant to the current syllabus and provided insights on potentially challenging concepts, allowing students to be more equipped with the necessary knowledge to tackle exams. Mr Lui has also been an inspiring teacher who is very meticulous in his teaching and never fails to go an extra mile to ensure everyone in class understand the concepts and questions.

Soh Jiasheng

National Junior College, Class of 2019

The tutor is engaging and provides detailed mathematical explanations. He willingly clarifies my doubts on additional questions. The lessons are helpful and engaging. Thank you Mr Lui for answering my questions even when it is past your working hours!

Lim Yingxi

Anderson-Serangoon Junior College, Class of 2020