It is unwise to wait till the last minute to play the game of catch up.

Reverse your fate with INDIGO (Est 2011) GP Intensive Orange 2021

▪️ Are you confident of scoring A or even B in GP at this juncture?
▪️ To many cynics and those who resist tuition all your life, English and GP cannot be studied and it will pointless to attend GP tuition.
▪️ To those who have been scoring A or B in school tests and exams, will you necessarily score A in A levels GP exams ?

Since our inception in 2011, INDIGO GP INTENSIVE ORANGE has helped many students who DO NOT read current affairs proactively or practise essays/ comprehension YET they want to score A or B in GP!

Harsh realities you may not know:

▪️ Dismally Low National distinction rate in GP : 25% ( compared to 52% in H2 Maths)
▪️ 2021 A levels Top 6 JCs in GP
RI & HCI : 5 in 10 scored A in GP
EJC & VJC : 4 in 10 scored A in GP
DHS & RVHS: 38% and 33% As respectively
▪️ General downward trend across most JCs with many schools not providing distinction rates.

If you are not scoring A in GP at this juncture or not confident with the GP YET you aspire to study medicine/law/dentistry/ business / accountancy or apply for scholarship or score Good Rank point of 80 plus to 90 points,

Reverse your fate with INDIGO GP INTENSIVE ORANGE by contacting our enrolment specialists :
▪️Margaret +65 9654 4535
▪️Brenda +65 9817 6295
▪️Yong Yong +65 8907 9059

Existing students, you can utilise your unused $100 holiday voucher.
Term 3: 21 J2 Regular lessons + 14 Orange lessons


JC2 Orange Programme Testimonials


“I just want to thank Indigo for your guidance and tips for General paper. They were really useful during the examinations! I managed to score an A for General Paper.”

Ying Yi

Private Candidate, Class of 2020

Scored Distinction for GP

“The Indigo Orange Programme helped me to expand my knowledge base at twice the rate so as catch up with the others who have started earlier on. The Indigo notes are very comprehensive. The notes are structured for easy revision and can be easily applied in the examinations.”

Sean Tham

Hwa Chong Institution, Class of 2020

Scored Distinction for GP

“The materials I received were insightful and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics. They were well-elaborated with a lot of relevant key phrases that helped me to be efficient in my revision and in answering the questions directly.

Hong An He

Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Class of 2020

Scored Distinction for GP

“Indigo Orange gave me a deeper insight and more rigorous practice in essay question analysis and it helped me to understand the question requirements a lot better which helped me to do a majority of the questions.”

Renee Ong

St Andrew Junior College, Class of 2020

Scored Distinction for GP

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