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Don't waste any more time. Sign up for the RED Intensive Programme and salvage your grades!

The Red Intensive Programme is a concentrated revision programme targeted at students who are cramming for exams at the last minute. It covers all subjects at Indigo including General Paper, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Geography.

You may expect:

  • Complete coverage of all topics
  • Complete coverage of all question types
  • Content + Application Skills
  • Model answers and exam-friendly notes
  • Assessment and feedback of work based on National standards

Have you received your prelim results?

Do you know that GP is one of the most difficult subject to score? The National distinction rates for GP is only about 25% but yet it is an important subject to determine your admission to many popular university courses.

Indigo can help you, like we did, for the past 11 batches of GP students. Year on year, students have signed up for the GP red programme and we have helped many students improve their GP exam grades and score their distinction in the A-level exams.

7 additional lessons to see that jump in grade is all you need.

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Are you struggling to understand the curriculum? Don't know how to draw diagrams? Detest essay-writing?

Indigo has the solution for you.

Expect to do challenging papers, correlate concepts across topics and learn critical evaluative skills which will help you jump grades in the essay segment and help you to score a distinction in Economics.

Beyond our specialised pedagogy and proprietary notes, we also offer 24/7 support on Telegram, and private consultation services, so that you can walk in and out of the exam hall with confidence.


Not feeling confident about acing the Math paper?

Come to Indigo, where our qualified and experienced teachers will expose to you a wide variety of questions and teach you how to approach them. We teach you Problems in the Real World Context, so that you may know how to apply your math skills beyond theory.

Also look forward to our internal Mock Exams to help you gain even greater exam confidence as you practice questions under time constraint; not to mention our Telegram channel support and consultation services to help you with your areas of weaknesses.


We agree that improvement takes time. However, you have only one shot to make that A happen.

For Chemistry, expect to learn higher order questions and focus on application skills, to make that distinction a reality. With our comprehensive revision schedule, you can rest assure that you will not experience self-doubt or fear when you enter the examination hall.

On top of Telegram support and face-to-face consultations, you will receive valuable Chemistry notes and supplementary videos which will help you hone your skills to emerge victorious.


The secret to scoring in Geography exams is simple. While the examination board may vary the Geography questions, the tested concepts must come from the core Geography syllabus. The basis of a good grade falls on 2 areas: First, to build a strong knowledge of Geography theories. Second, to build application skills from past questions. Geography classes at Indigo are nothing like your school lectures. Most of our classes revolve around question discussion and problem solving. They are interactive and filled with tons of knowledge and light-hearted examples to help your understanding.

Also expect exclusive detailed notes, Case Studies and model answers to help you understand the content knowledge better, and provide you with effective revision guides when the exam draws near.

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​What To Expect - Chemistry Paper 1, 2 and 3

What To Expect - Chemistry Paper 1, 2 and 3


πŸ’₯ Comprehensive question coverage across all topics (inclusive of data response questions)

πŸ’₯ Drill common A-Level questions

πŸ’₯ Tough prelim questions from beyond TYS to gain competitive edge

πŸ’₯ Learn tips & tricks to improve your score


Programme Structure

✏️ 5th, 12th & 19th November 2022

✏️ 2pm to 5.15pm (inclusive 15 mins break)

✏️ Bugis ICB


Programme Fee

⭐️ $567

⭐️ $50 registration fee applies for new students

Prices subjected to 7% GST

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What To Expect - Chemistry Practical Exam Crash Course (Paper 4)


πŸ’₯ Bridge the gap between theory and experiments

πŸ’₯ Comprehensive coverage of the various question types in practical exams

πŸ’₯ Planning questions + procedure writing

πŸ’₯ Learn time-saving tricks to finish the paper on time

πŸ’₯ An insider look into the expectations of examiners in practical exams


Programme Structure

✏️ Choose 1 timeslot:


Slot A: Bishan

Slot B: Balmoral Plaza

Slot C: Bugis

Slot D: Bukit Timah

Slot E: Bugis


Slot A (Bishan):

29 Sept, Thurs, 7.15 – 9pm / 6 Oct, Thurs, 7.15 – 9pm / 13 Oct, Thurs, 7.15 – 9pm / 18 Oct, Tues, 12 – 1.45pm

Slot B (Balmoral Plaza):

30 Sept, Fri, 7.15 – 9pm / 7 Oct, Fri, 7.15 – 9pm / 14 Oct, Fri, 7.15 – 9pm / 18 Oct, Tues, 12 – 1.45pm

Slot C (Bugis):

1 Oct, Sat, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 8 Oct, Sat, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 15 Oct, Sat, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 18 Oct, Tues, 12 – 1.45pm

Slot D (Bukit Timah):

2 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 9 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 16 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 19 Oct, Wed, 12 – 1.45pm

Slot E (Bugis):

2 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 9 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 16 Oct, Sun, 4.30 – 6.15pm / 19 Oct, Wed, 12 – 1.45pm


Programme Fee

⭐️ $440

⭐️ $50 registration fee applies for new students

Prices subjected to 7% GST

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Red Testimonials

I've seen major improvements in my Econs grades since I joined Indigo. My tutor is really good at what she does and knows her content well. She is also really good at delivering her content and knowledge in an engaging and meaningful way. I’ve really gained a lot from her lessons.


J2 H2

I have improved in analysing questions and structuring answers since I joined Indigo. My tutor is a very very nice economic teacher, she always explains the ways to answer a question in a clear and engaging way. Her lessons are fun and give us a lot takeaways.


J2 H2

Since I joined Indigo, I have learnt more about science and my general knowledge has improved. I am ahead of my schoolmates in terms of the science topics. My tutor is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about science.

Kenji Tan

Sec 2

Since I joined Indigo, I have gained a deeper understanding of each topic. My tutor's usage of diagrams makes the content more palatable and easier to visualise. Moreover, he explains each topic very thoroughly which makes it easier for us to understand and it has helped me to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of chemistry.

Jolyn Lye


Ever since I joined Indigo, I have gained a deeper understanding of the concepts involved, and also learnt how to apply them to novel questions. My tutor is always very clear with his explanations and never fails to give us a lot of useful exam tips and tricks. He also is always there to answer any of our queries and at the same time tries to make lessons always fun and engaging at the same time.



I just want to thank Indigo for your guidance and tips for General paper. They were really useful during the examinations! I managed to score an A for General Paper.

Ying Yi

Distinction for GP

Private Candidate, Class of 2020

The materials I received were insightful and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics. They were well-elaborated with a lot of relevant key phrases that helped me to be efficient in my revision and in answering the questions directly.

Hong An He

Distinction for GP

JPJC, Class of 2020

Indigo Orange gave me a deeper insight and more rigorous practice in essay question analysis and it helped me to understand the question requirements a lot better which helped me to do a majority of the questions.

Renee Ong

Distinction for GP

SAJC, Class of 2020