JC2 Crash Course: Common Test Edition

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H2 Economics (7-25 June 2021; Mon & Wed (9am-11am), Fri (11am-1pm), Bukit Timah Shopping Centre)


Daunted by macroeconomics? Our H2 Econs crash course makes macroeconomics fun and easy to understand. We review step-by-step the most crucial macroeconomics topics like macro indicators and policies, a common stumbling block for many J2 students. We also teach structured essay approaches and case study techniques with a strong focus on evaluation so you can apply your knowledge to any question with confidence!


Macro Aims and Policies


Existing Indigo Student: $499*
New Student: $499* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies

General Paper (1-3 June 2021, 10am-1pm, Bukit Timah)


Indigo's GP skills-based Crash Course focuses on comprehension techniques, a structured approach towards essays, and evaluative strategies for the formidable AQ.
Don't miss our signature current affairs segment, where we cover a broad range of topics ranging from local to political affairs!


Existing Indigo Student: $499*
New Student: $499* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies

Chemistry (31 May - 25 June 2021, Slot A&B (Bugis and Balmoral Plaza respectively): Mon & Thurs; Slot C&D (Bugis and Balmoral Plaza respectively ): Tues & Fri, 8.30am-1.30pm (with 1hr lunch break))


Master one of the most dreaded JC topics, the Periodic Table. Expect comprehensive revision with exam-grade questions and learn application skills. Plus, use our in-house shuffle app to help you memorise facts in the shortest time possible, with proven techniques employed by even medical students!


Periodic Table (Period 3, Group 2, Group 17 + usage of shuffle).


Existing Indigo Student: $248*
New Student: $248* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies


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    What Past Participants Say

    This session met my expectations. I learned how to convey my points concisely in my essays so that I can complete them on time. I will encourage my friends to take up this course.

    J1, Temasek JC
    H2 Economics Crash Course

    This programme was helpful. The teacher is knowledgeable about the subject and taught me how to solve challenging questions. He is very patient and will not hesitate to clarify any of our doubts after class.

    J1, EJC
    H2 Math Crash Course

    The information given in the materials are presented in a logical and organised fashion, making it easy to browse through for revision.

    Vera Wang Xinyue
    J1, ACJC
    GP Fundamentals

    The lessons were helpful and engaging. It deepened my understanding of many economics theories. I am more confident in my ability to answer case study questions and essays.

    Chung Suh Yun
    J1, VJC
    H2 Economics Crash Course

    The session materials were informative and concise. I will like to attend more of these holiday programmes in the future

    Pai Shriti Satish
    J1, ACJC
    H2 Economics Crash Course

    This programme was extremely helpful to my revision. I will recommend this course to my friends. The session was well-paced.

    Xavier Ong
    J1, HCI
    H2 Mathematics Crash Course