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Language Arts and English

At Indigo we have been leading the way in Secondary IP English tuition in Singapore for over a decade. Our unique and proven top-down approach, reversed engineered programme guarantees that Secondary Integrated Programme English students lay the strongest foundations possible for their future success in the A Level English and General Paper Exams.
The IP English syllabus in Singapore is a comprehensive and enriching educational experience that goes beyond language acquisition. Indigo English team understands that the IP syllabus is differentiated and we will go the extra mile to help students achieve their academic breakthroughs. 
The IP English Excellence Programme is especially designed to help IP Students to cope with the high demands of English, and particularly Language Arts at the lower secondary levels. 
At Indigo, students will experience a unique fusion of Language Arts and English curriculum, gaining exposure to literary techniques and receiving guidance on analysing and crafting well-structured responses to unseen poetry and prose. 

Barriers to Breakthrough

Transitioning from primary school, Integrated Programme students may find difficulty adjusting to the change in examinable formats. With the lack of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks questions in the Secondary IP school examinable formats, some students find it challenging to score in the exams. Students can no longer use memorising techniques which they were heavily dependent on.
Many students who did not need English tuition at the primary school level eventually seek help and register for Secondary English tuition because they find it challenging to extract deeper meanings from literature, analyse literary devices and interpret complex themes in the language arts syllabus. 
The differentiated IP curriculum across schools, lack of structured teaching and a focus on project work may lead to gaps in foundational knowledge, leaving students ill-equipped to manage standardised assessments. Students who are used to a structured way of learning may find it hard to adjust to the IP curriculum and may need tuition for concrete steps to approach an abstract subject such as English. 
 With only a 25% national distinction rate at A Levels, GP is among the most challenging subjects to score. Laying a solid foundation and building a continued interest in this subject will ensure that students will not accumulate deficit as the themes and topics become increasingly abstract and complicated. 

The Indigo IP English Advantage

Indigo Pedagogy TM

A-Level Through Train Curriculum

Academically aligned curriculum woven to connect the dots of education, ensuring that students thrive in the present and laying the essential foundation for A-level success.​

Unique dual teaching system 

Indigo's dual teaching model places equal emphasis on essay writing and comprehension skills in each lesson.

Incorporated Literature Lessons

Literary techniques and skills are incorporated in the essay and comprehension segments to empower students to explore the depths of literature and apply this keen insight to constructing compelling essays and insightful responses.

Quality Study Materials 

Curated, distilled current affairs topics

Curated current affairs topics are carefully selected to resonate with current syllabus. Each topic invites students to ponder real-world issues, question assumptions and weave a compelling argument that encapsulates their analysis. Content knowledge cannot be built overnight and developing broad current affairs knowledge and insights is important for the eventual A Level General Paper syllabus.

Weekly Model Essays And Brainstorming Techniques

A step-by-step structured approach to master skills and techniques required to excel paper 1. In-class writing exercises are designed to engage students’ language proficiency and to master new techniques through hands-on application.

Clear Focus on Answering Techniques

Cleary formatted comprehension notes to go beyond the conventional copy-answer approach. Students in the IP English tuition class can focus on developing comprehension techniques than copying the right answers.

Robust out of class support 

Ala-carte Essay Marking Online Service

Get individual feedback on your essay writing and watch your grades soar from practice by practice! Submit your essays for marking and gain a better understanding of your performance in accordance to the A-Level marking rubrics.

Termly Assessment and Feedback

Receive individual feedback on progress through termly assessments.

Complimentary Consultation Service

Book an individual consultation to clarify your doubts without waiting for the next in-class session.

Lesson Coverage

The Indigo Lower Sec IP programme offers a comprehensive approach to language arts, covering narrative and expository essays and skills. The curriculum sharpens comprehension and grammar abilities through diverse texts and encourages awareness of current affairs.

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Hear From Our Student Achievers

My tutor also ensures the class understands the concepts and topics taught during class and writes feedback for our work. The IP English tuition notes have also been helpful.

An Xuan, River Valley High School

Indigo Secondary 1 IP Language Arts student (2022)

Indigo's IP English tuition classes have helped me in improving my grades in my English tests. My tutor explains techniques for comprehension clearly and the lessons on essay types and literary techniques are engaging and interactive.

Li Ming, Raffles Institution

Indigo Secondary 1 IP Language Arts student (2022)

My tutor is very supportive during class and gives constructive feedback, explaining the questions thoroughly and ensuring that we understand it well. Indigo's IP English tuition has allowed me to understand where my weaknesses are and how to improve upon them.

Ying Shuen, Nanyang Girls' High School

Indigo Secondary 2 IP Language Arts student (2022)


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