Main Programmes

Secondary Express

These programmes prepare you to face the broad spectrum of challenges in secondary school with confidence. Our robust, highly structured curriculum is designed to fuel great strides during the Express years, building the critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to perform well at your O-Level exams. With our support, expect to develop a high performance mindset by the time you graduate to your top post-secondary pathway choice.

Lower Secondary

Building the right foundation prepares you
for excellence in your Sec 2 streaming examinations
as well as lasting success in your upper secondary years.

Upper Secondary

Preparing you for your O-Levels, we will aim
to keep you at the top of your cohort and achieve
distinctions during the national exams.

Education is a marathon,
not a sprint.

It is dynamic, with challenges per subject and academic level to break through.
Not to worry. Those challenges are why we’re here—our through-train methodology
teaches you the skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, mindset to overcome them.

Discover even more opportunities to grow.