Main Programmes

Secondary IP

These programmes equip every student for the rigorous and challenging secondary school years. Our comprehensive, highly structured curriculum is designed to boost understanding concepts, analysing questions, and answering with precision—working your way up to the advanced requirements of your A-Level exams in Year 6. Outstanding exam results are a bonus—the real triumph is graduating on to your top post-Junior College pathway choice with a winning mindset.

Lower Secondary

A robust, well-rounded foundation sharpens your aptitude across subject disciplines, enhances eligibility for talent programmes, and primes you for excellence in your upper secondary and JC years and in life.

Upper Secondary

Prepare early and well for the demands of a pre-tertiary level curriculum. Nurture your passion for learning so you feel confident taking full advantage of the varied opportunities your IP school provides.

Education is a marathon,
not a sprint.

It is dynamic, with challenges per subject and academic level to break through.
Not to worry. Those challenges are why we’re here—our through-train methodology
teaches you the skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, mindset to overcome them.

Discover even more opportunities to grow.