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Why should you choose A-Level Economics tuition by Indigo?

Since our inception in 2011, our distinction rates in Economics have consistently outperformed the national average, even surpassing those of top-tier schools. Indigo Economics has produced a remarkable number of students in Singapore who have achieved distinctions in the A- Level Economics examination, a feat that only a select few JC economics tuition centres in Singapore can match.


Indigo Economics tuition offers a comprehensive and structured JC Economics tuition programme, meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ultimately preparing students for their A-Level examination. Sharpen your higher-order thinking skills in core Economics subjects and master the art of crafting A-grade essays using the Define, Describe, Explain, and Evaluate (DDEE) structure. Our programme goes beyond simply covering the syllabus content; we integrate real-world examples and case studies, empowering students to apply economic principles to everyday situations. Build your confidence in Economics with our step-by-step guidance to enhance your confidence in content comprehension, question analysis, application skills and answering techniques.


When you choose Indigo A-Level Economics tuition, get ready to embark on a dynamic and participatory learning journey. Learn via engagement to arrive at your own answers rather than relying on memorisation and regurgitation of content. Our lessons are meticulously crafted to encourage active engagement and vibrant dialogues, to help students connect the dots and exchange various viewpoints. 


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