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Intensive and rigorous Math tuition classes drilling key learning points into students and ensure a strong foundation before expanding into more detailed concepts. 

Secondary Express Math Tuition

Excelling in Lower Secondary Math is crucial in building a strong foundation in basic concepts to make the learning process for Upper Secondary E and A Math smoother. Their foundations will also come in handy in preparing them for their O-Level. A common issue faced by students is the transition from model drawing to using algebra to solving word problems. Another difficulty they encounter is the struggle to see the meaning behind learning algebra and their inability to understand the use of alphabets to represent numerical values. Join the leading Math tuition centre in Singapore to set your child up for success and help them navigate the transition from Lower Secondary to Upper Secondary Math with ease!


In our O-Level Math tuition classes, we prioritise the building of various skill sets, such as algebraic manipulation and logical reasoning. Our students have shown great improvement and consistently achieved high distinction rates for Math over the past years, with the help of our experienced O-Level tutor. Equip your child with our Upper Secondary E-Math and A-Math courses to receive the best guidance possible as they gear up for their O-Level examinations. Watch your child achieve academic breakthroughs!


Secondary IP Math Tuition

We offer a range of school-specific tracks to cater to a differentiated IP syllabus, ensuring a synchronised learning experience that corresponds with students’ respective curricula and pace. Indigo Math tuition classes feature attentive guidance, gradual progression, and ongoing monitoring of students’ progress. With an extensive collection of demanding questions sourced from top-IP schools, our students are thoroughly equipped to tackle the academic rigors of their school journey.


Junior College

Each weekly tuition session at our centre are planned by our experienced tutors, follows a bottom-up approach which builds a strong foundation for students, especially with the rigour of JC Math.

Curated for ambitious JC students aiming for top-tier university courses. Elevate your mastery of key subjects through challenging, in- depth exploration of crucial topics. This will be carried forward to common A-Level math questions and higher level thinking. A-Level Math is essential for a wide range of university courses, such as Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. In JC1, students will solidify their pure math skills, while in JC2, they learn statistics and sharpen their application skills.


Our math tuition classes lead students towards mastery through a meticulously structured, step- by-step approach to each topic. Designed to cover the syllabus by June of Year 2, students are afforded abundant time for meticulous exam review, concept clarification, and the refinement of exam skills.


Secondary Express Programmes

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Secondary IP Programmes

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Junior College Programmes

Year 1 and 2

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