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Secondary Express Programmes

Lower & Upper Secondary

Secondary 1 & 2

Excelling in Lower Secondary Math is crucial in building a strong foundation in basic concepts for Upper Secondary E and A Math. Our comprehensive Lower Secondary Math program is designed to cultivate an interest in abstract mathematical concepts through engaging in-class activities and strategies, providing students with valuable preparation for the O-Level Math examinations.

Secondary 3 & 4 (E & A Math)

Students will build upon the foundations established in lower secondary mathematics to solve high-order thinking problems, in preparation for the rigorous O-Level E and A Math examinations. Students will be exposed to a diverse range of real-world applications, helping them see the practical relevance of mathematics in their daily lives and future careers. Moreover, we emphasize the importance of problem-solving strategies, enabling students to navigate through complex mathematical scenarios with confidence and proficiency.

Indigo Pedagogy 

Use of visual representations to explain static concepts

Helps students to achieve an enhanced understanding of various topics.

Exposure to Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

Students will learn common mistakes and misconceptions before attempting the questions to avoid un-necessary mistakes and the need to un-learn poor habits.

Concept and Application-based learning

Tutors will go through worked examples and questions of different complexities with the objective of helping students build knowledge, confidence and develop mastery. This help students to assess their learning gaps and if they have achieved concept mastery.

Quality Study Materials

Concise summary sheets

Receive concise summary sheets for everything you need to know about the chapter.

Bottom-up learning approach

The sequencing of our topical booklets aims to build students' knowledge from conceptual level to expert level.

Labelling of question difficulties

Providing questions of different complexities helps build knowledge, Helps parents/students assess where they stand and if they have achieved content mastery.

Gain Exposure To Higher-Level Thinking Question

Higher order thinking questions are also sorted by topics to help students to identify recent and potential trends. This will help prep students for the unexpected.

Video Playback

​For advanced questions, a QR code will lead to a video recording done by tutors where students can revise and watch the in-depth explanation and highlights of important takeaways.

Robust Out-of-Class Support

Face-to-Face weekly consultations

Complimentary consultation to clarify doubts, bridge the learning gaps and get specific guidance on areas for improvements

Flexible class replacement

Designed for the busy student to prevent accumulation of deficit in learning, our flexible replacement classes are a breeze for students with consistent notes and teaching structure across all centres

Complimentary Video-on-Demand

Watch the in-class recorded lesson at your own pace, allowing you to revise topics at your preferred pace, or alternatively, enjoy the convenience of attending a replacement class from the comfort of your own home.

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