Our Team

Mr Samuel Lim
Group Chairman

"Working Hand in Hand, Commitment Always..."

Mr Isaac Lim

"It is the people that make the
journey worthwhile."

Mr William Lin
Dean -
Science Faculty

"Be Extraordinary!"

Mr Sean Koh
Director Corporate Strategy

"Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast"

Mr Peng Junyang
Dean -
Math Faculty

"The best view comes after the hardest climb"

Mr Louis Lim
Head of Marketing and Technology

"Let's Make a Difference Together!"

Mr Alan Tan
Group Financial Controller

"When your Values are Clear to You,
Making Decisions Becomes Easier."

Mr Aaron Koh
Head of Operations

"Dream the impossible,
seek the unknown,
achieve greatness"

Ms Selene Diong
Head of Sales and Deployment

"What You Do Makes a Difference!"