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This March holidays, give yourself a learning boost with our Holiday Programmes

2022 March 14 to 17

Unseen poetry

Skills-based approach to understand unseen poetry, review literary devices, literary analysis essay writing

High performance habits

Untapped secret methods to break bad study habits and overcome results-destructive behaviour

Literature in the real world

Close reading and analysis of Literature texts: Julius Caesar / Animal Farm


Have fun exploring and decoding scientific theories and concepts with games and hands-on experiments for Secondary 1


A fun-filled 1-day camp to explore, decode, and learn scientific concepts through games and experiments. You will also receive a free guide on answering frequently asked Science exam questions.

Although habits may mean very little on their own, your habits are an enormous impact on your results. Join this exclusive 'Learn-to-learn' workshop on sustainable, high performance habits to excel - and enjoy - Secondary school.

We have put together for you a short and effective programme on deconstructing unseen poems, skills to analyse any poem, and a structured approach to writing an analysis of the poem.

Our 3-day crash course on a systematic and comprehensive approach to developing skills for critical close reading and analysis of poetry.

Learn the in-depth skill-based approach to analyse plot, characters, and unravel socio-cultural themes. You will also receive assessment and personalised feedback.

A 3-day guided workshop on meaningful plot and character analysis, literary devices, plus assessment and personalised feedback.