"Math is all about practice"

Is it really only about practicing?


Students make careless mistakes and often lose out on marks they could have attained.


Students understand the concepts but they find difficulty in applying it to relevant questions.


Time management is an extremely important skill in exams, especially for Mathematics. In Secondary IP Mathematics, students no longer have the luxury to check their exam scripts and may even struggle to complete it.


Tackle higher-order thinking questions

80% of our curriculum time is spent on higher-order thinking questions to help students achieve their distinction.

Concept/ Common Mistakes

Students are taught to identify the common mistakes at the start of each topic. Sharp focus on concepts also help prevent careless mistakes.

Low Hanging Fruits

Our weekly time based practice is designed to train students to identify and complete mathematics questions within a time frame to allow a 30 minutes buffer in 3 hour exams.

Assessment and Feedback

Receive feedback on a termly basis. Get an analysis of your learning progress and identify the specific areas for improvement. Prevent accumulation of deficit learning and receive an action plan to improve your Mathematics.


Learn all the shortcuts you need in order to answer various Mathematics questions in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

Higher Order Thinking Questions

Our maths programme is designed for the best to continue to stay in the top 20% of their cohort. Our programme is rigorous and our notes are designed to provide students with an exposure to higher order thinking questions.


Concepts and common mistakesLearn to identify common mistakes right at the start of each topicPrevent making careless mistakes
Low-hanging fruitsWeekly time based practicesComplete practices within a designated time frame
Assessment and FeedbackGet personal feedback from tutorsReceive meaningful tips to improve
ShortcutsLearn shortcuts needed to answer various questionsTackle all questions in the fastest and most accurate way possible
Higher-order thinking questionsRigorous programme with specially-designed notesGain exposure to higher-level thinking questions

The outlets are close to my home and school. The materials and notes are also very useful for revision! The environment is perfectly conducive for learning and the tutors are extremely helpful :D THANK YOU

Cheyenne Raine Lim
Eunoia Junior College

Mr Lui is very clear in his explanations and provides useful tips to solve difficult math problems in a simpler ways. I’ve benefitted a lot from the lessons here.

Glenda Dharma
Anglo-Chinese Junior College

The materials are great and cover a range of questions of differing difficulty levels. The tutor is also patient and clear in explaining concepts. It has benefitted my math a lot and I saw a marked improvement in my grades. Thank you tutors for your guidance!

Lim Zheng Yu
River Valley High School

Ms Teo is super helpful and nice. The materials are arranged by topic which is good for revision. I enjoy coming with my friends for support. There are multiple centres near the mrt which makes travelling there very convenient. Thank you Ms Teo for the lessons this year!! You always go the extra mile to help every student in class despite having such a busy schedule! :)

Denisa Armeilia Tami
Raffles Institution

The tutors are knowledgeable and the materials stimulate students intellectually, yielding good results. The lessons are really insightful as they taught me how to approach questions from a different angle.

Tay Kai Xuan, Jerome
Raffles Institution

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