Mr Isaac Lim

“It is the people that make the journey worthwhile.” Isaac is a dynamic leader with a diverse background and a passion for innovation and growth. As the CEO of the Indigo Education Group, he has led the organisation to great success through his strong leadership and commitment to developing professionals. His career began in information […]

Mr Samuel Lim

“Working hand in hand, commitment always.” Mr. Lim is a distinguished education professional with a proven track record. His accomplishments include being a recipient of the Certificate of Honour for Inspirational Teaching, conferred by Singapore’s former President, Mr SR Nathan. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Distinction), NIE. Additionally, he has more than […]

Ms Selene Diong

“If you have a different mindset, you will have a different outcome.” Selene Diong is a highly accomplished education professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. She heads the Enrolment and Marketing team at Indigo Education Group, where she coordinates programmes, designs seminars for parental education, manages resources, plans and leads […]

Ms Shereen Ng

“We need to always go forward but progress isn’t always a straight line or a smooth path.” Shereen’s educational philosophy has always centred around students’ curiosity and learning. In the 20 years she has been in education, she has kept up with the 21st century needs for the students and continued to refine her pedagogy […]

Mr William Lin

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are always right.” William is an award-winning Chemistry tutor with over 20 years of teaching experience as well as collaboration with other educators. His exclusive features in the media such as Channel NewsAsia’s “A class Above” which outlines elites in every industry and recognition by The Straits […]

Mr Peng Junyang

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Junyang is an accomplished math educator with over 12 years of teaching experience, both as an ex-MOE teacher and as a private tutor. He has taught both locally and abroad, and many of his students have secured government scholarships and places in prestigious universities. Prior to joining […]

Mr Aaron Koh

“Overcoming obstacles begins with a positive attitude.” Aaron heads the Operations Department and is responsible for overseeing the development of processes and projects at Indigo. He is deeply committed to seeing his team grow in both competency and commitment and takes pride in their achievements. Aaron’s work has led to a significant improvement in the […]

Mr Louis Lim

“Let’s make a difference together.” Louis joined Indigo in 2019 and played a crucial role in pivoting the company toward online readiness by setting up the Learning Management Platform (LMS). With his technical insights and skillset, he also established the recording and broadcast capabilities of the different centres. In 2021, he took on the Head […]

Mr Alan Tan

“To lead by example.” Alan heads the finance department and oversees the financial reporting process, corporate secretarial matters, and statutory audit. His keen eye for detail was honed over many years as an ex-auditor with KPMG and PwC. He leads a dedicated team equipped with specific skill sets to deliver the best in this digital […]

Ms Margaret Lim

Embarking on her corporate journey as a self-starter, Margaret has carved a distinctive path marked by a rare blend of exceptional communication skills and an innate ability to seamlessly collaborate with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Her journey encompasses not just transactions but the establishment of meaningful connections, reaching key decision-makers within companies.  At the heart […]