“It is the people that make the journey worthwhile.”

Isaac is a dynamic leader with a diverse background and a passion for innovation and growth. As the CEO of the Indigo Education Group, he has led the organisation to great success through his strong leadership and commitment to developing professionals.

His career began in information systems, but he soon found and followed his interests in the field of finance. Working at Barclays Capital, he honed his managerial skills and gained a deep understanding of the financial industry.

Isaac’s entrepreneurial spirit also led him to set up multiple start-ups in different industries. With a decisive leadership style and a values-driven approach, he built strong and effective organisational cultures that centre people on a common vision. A certified Myer-Briggs practitioner coupled with his wealth of experience, one of Isaac’s greatest strengths is his ability to groom new generations of leaders.

Isaac graduated with distinction from the Singapore Management University’s School of Information Systems with a double major in finance. His dedication and academic excellence were recognised with a place on the Dean’s list.