“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are always right.”

William is an award-winning Chemistry tutor with over 20 years of teaching experience as well as collaboration with other educators. His exclusive features in the media such as Channel NewsAsia’s “A class Above” which outlines elites in every industry and recognition by The Straits Times as one of the nation’s leading super tutors, have made him one of the most sought-after Chemistry tutors in Singapore. He is known for his patience, clarity, and ability to simplify complicated concepts when teaching students as well as his belief in empowering educators to be agents of change by pioneering innovative coaching programmes that foster student engagement and propel academic achievements. His teaching career has allowed him to touch the lives of over 7,000 students to date. His students do not regard him as a mere tutor but as a source of inspiration. His passion extends beyond educating students to collaborating with a diverse array of educators to champion the growth of not only these educators but the growth of students.

Prior to joining the Indigo team, William founded Making Sense with an aspiration to change the stereotypical notion that Chemistry is a mundane subject that few will excel in. He wanted students to realise that learning Chemistry need not be a struggle and that the subject does have many fascinating possibilities to offer. Under his tutelage, many who used to fear Chemistry saw it becoming their favourite subject instead.

He holds a BSc (2nd class Upper Hons) from NUS and was on the NUS Science Faculty Dean’s List. He is also a current PhD candidate in Medicinal Chemistry at NUS.