“Never say impossible.”

Li Qian is a valued team member at Indigo and specialises in HR management. With a background in business development, she transitioned to general management in a content marketing agency before finding her passion in HR. Joining a prominent early childcare group of companies, she soon gained valuable experience optimising talent acquisition and employee growth strategies. Her expertise contributes to Indigo’s success in cultivating a talented workforce and creating a thriving workplace.

Li Qian graduated with a BSc. Degree in Business and Management from the University of London (LSE). Combining her academic knowledge with hands-on skills, she is able to navigate complex challenges with much finesse.

She is instrumental in Indigo, aligning HR strategies with the company’s vision for customer satisfaction and business growth. She excels in talent identification and acquisition, fostering a positive work culture, and driving employee engagement, making significant contributions to Indigo’s success and adaptability in the evolving business landscape. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and achieving organisational goals solidifies her as a key figure within the Indigo family.