“We need to always go forward but progress isn’t always a straight line or a smooth path.”

Shereen’s educational philosophy has always centred around students’ curiosity and learning. In the 20 years she has been in education, she has kept up with the 21st century needs for the students and continued to refine her pedagogy and vision to make sure she does right by them.

Shereen was present during the nascent stages of Indigo’s growth and was key in conceptualising a General Paper curriculum that has become the cornerstone of the rigorous and insightful programme that Indigo is renowned for today.

In the classroom, Shereen believes in creating connections for students and drawing opinions and thoughts out of them through socratic questioning. She also believes in building genuine relationships with the students to create safe spaces in her classes for them to learn and make mistakes.

Before she left MOE, Shereen was part of the General Paper team at both Temasek JC and Hwa Chong Institution. The years she spent at there gave her opportunity to hone her organizational and leadership skills as level coordinator and spearheading major projects. Beyond that, Shereen was also College Admissions Counsellor at Raffles Institution. This gave her significant insight into what students required to navigate the complex web of education and career options after their A levels. All these formative experiences, Shereen took to heart when she set up the programme at Indigo.

As Head of the English and General Paper Department, Shereen is constantly innovating to best prepare students for the future. This future-centred focus also ensures she provides strong mentorship for the teachers under her charge. In so doing, she is making sure that she builds a strong stable of tutors who share her both her pedagogical vision and mastery in the classroom. With this, her hope is that every student who passes through Indigo’s corridors will leave ready to be a responsible citizen to the world.