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Save this article on using multimedia resources, interleaving practices, and the importance of feedback before exams for academic success

We are honoured to have helped the Indigo Class of 2021 outperform themselves. Their remarkable results are a testament to the Indigo spirit of grit and gumption. Read full report here

Sit back and enjoy these bite-sized videos on current affairs for General Paper, Chemistry concepts

Located in Tampines Plaza 1 (formerly known as Abacus Plaza):

- A wide range of class timeslots to choose from

- Lunch-time talks on mid-year exam strategies and using gaming behaviour for studying

- March Holiday workshops on top student study habits and Secondary school Literature



Join subject heads or award-winning teachers for advice on evaluating, tracking, and attaining progress aligned with your academic goals and personal aspirations. At Indigo, we help you study smarter!



Studies have shown that the very first day of school is the most stressful and the day that students find it the most difficult to cope with. Parents should start looking out for behaviour changes that indicate these worries.



The questions your tutor would have chosen (yay or nay?), the ones they definitely would have avoided (great minds think alike), and one of our tutors shares why sometimes going for a less-popular topic may result in your advantage (stroke of genius)



In line with Indigo's efforts to customise your learning, our expanded team of Math specialists are introducing E-Math time slots on top of current A-Math time slots for the Sec 3 and Sec 4 Express students.

With our team helmed by Math Academia's Founder Mr Peng Junyang, you can continue to expect quality resources (with updated exam grade questions) and crystal-clear teaching by highly experienced Mathematics teachers.



For some of us, 2021 may have challenged you in more ways than you ever thought possible. There probably were times you felt uninspired and uncertain.

We hope this short film encourages you to define success for yourself, and to identify the people around us who chose to believe in your potential, especially in your personal moments of self-doubt.



Calling all O-Level candidates - still searching for your JC's cut off points? Refer to our table of your preferred JC's cut off points here.



Hair gel, a trained lifeguard, the language of birds – do any of those things remind you of our teachers at Indigo?

To celebrate Teachers Day 2021, Indigo TV embarked on a special mission to generate inside-scoop on our tutors! Apart from uncovering quirks and (un)official FIFA challenge announcements, we came to a conclusion that Indigo teachers would most definitely survive on a deserted island.



Indigo Education Group, the leading Junior College and Secondary tuition group in Singapore, announced it has acquired a controlling interest in Making Sense, the largest Chemistry tuition provider in the country.


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