Open House: Come and experience the Indigo difference

To navigate the wide scope of content and fundamentals of A-level concepts in Secondary IP, your child needs a strong foundation which lasts.
Yet, preparing to cope with the A-Level syllabus from an early age while pursuing one's interests can be daunting even for the brightest teenager.

It is common for many parents of Secondary IP children to be unsure on what to expect.

The IP track exposes you to special programmes and opportunities for your child to pursue interests and engage in deeper academic and non-academic experiences. However, to navigate the fundamentals of A-level concepts from an early age while learning to explore one's interests is daunting even for the brightest teenager.

At Indigo, we believe in working closely with all parents to ensure the best learning experience for your children. The first step is to be keenly aware of the expectations and challenges of the IP syllabus. Next comes learning the ways to overcome those challenges. Finally, witness your child's enjoyment and confidence for advanced learning grow, while we work together with you to closely monitor their progress.

Come and experience the Indigo difference at our Open Houses throughout Jan - Feb - start building your academic excellence and future success for A-levels and beyond!

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Our Passionate and Dedicated Team

Mr Samuel Lim
​Group Chairman & Principal of Indigo Education Group
  • ✦ Former Hwa Chong Institute Subject Head
  • ✦ Hwa Chong International School, Head of Faculty
  • ✦ Victoria JC GP teacher
Ms Shereen Ng
Deputy Principal of Indigo Education Group
  • ✦ More than 20 years of experience
  • ✦ Former GP teacher, Hwa Chong Institute
  • ✦ Former GP Level Head, Temasek JC
  • ✦ Former Higher Education Counselor, Raffles Institute
Mr William Lin
Head of Science
  • ✦ More than 17 years teaching experience
  • ✦ Founder and Managing Director of Making Sense
  • ✦ Featured in Channel NewsAsia and the Straits Times as Singapore's top Chemistry Super Tutor
Ms Jaymi Pang
​Subject Head
Sec IP English And Literature
  • ✦ More than 5 years of experience
  • ✦ Double major in Literature and Sociology supported by a team of experienced and MOE-trained teachers
Ms Joyce Ng
​Subject Head
Sec IP Math
  • ✦ More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • Masters in Education (Gifted Education)
  • ✦ Former Year and Subject Head at NUS High School

Our Results

Our Testimonials

The lessons helped me improve my comprehension skills. Tutors used examples that were never boring and I began to enjoy writing and reading new material.

Taralekha, Student
Raffles Girls School (Secondary)
English (Sec 1 IP)

Indigo has helped me improved my English foundation and built an interest in me to read up on current affairs. The teachers always use interesting materials to help me pay attention during the lesson.

Faith, Student
Nanyang Girls' High School
English (Sec IP)

Tutors are quite friendly and clear in teaching, using materials which are simple to use for my revision.

Ethan, Student
Hwa Chong Institution
English (Sec IP)

The tutor’s explanation is clear and easy to understand. The materials provided are informative and contain a wide variety of current affairs and writing examples. The tutor always gets me to understand what the question means, and I learn to break down my response in steps and am less confused about what to write.

Gabriel, Student
Hwa Chong Institution
English (Sec IP)

Open House: The Indigo Difference

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