Open House: Come and experience the Indigo difference

As the last two years of pre-tertiary education, Junior College demands the highest level of rigour from students. However, we believe that every student has the potential to be stretched and be able to actualise their capabilities with the right study skills and time management habits.

Indigo JC Tuition focuses on building and sharpening the skills that students need to go beyond memorisation and content learning. Our teaching and curriculum development team understand the key requirements of the A-Level exams and what is necessary to excel in Junior College.

Come and experience the Indigo difference at our Open Houses throughout Jan - Feb - start building your academic excellence and future success for A-levels and beyond!

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Meet our academic success team at our subject info sessions

Speak with our dynamic teachers to gain beneficial insight into your JC journey and how we can support and lead you to A-level qualifications which meet the requirements of your preferred university courses. Learn more about our trademarked and robust academically-aligned curriculum and teaching methods that ensure each JC student exerts their full potential, developing high level thought and problem solving skills which are applicable to the real world. Our enrolment team will also be available to share with you on our modular programmes, exclusive A-level resources for the Indigo students, and more.

Parent Seminars

From choosing subject combinations to planning for university admission, Junior College demands the highest levels of focus, time management and commitment. To build your academic excellence and future success, it is important to make informed decisions on your subject combinations, manage your learning of difficult subjects using top student productivity skills, and know which key aspects of the A-Level syllabus to pay close attention to.

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Our Testimonials

My Economics grades stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally decided to join Indigo. That is when I my grades improved. What I really appreciate about the programme is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question and aim for a L3 and E2 answer.

The Economics examples and articles shared were also very current and helps me to stay up to date on the latest economic affairs. This helped me to see relevance in the JC Econs syllabus and developed my passion further in this area.

Dennis Looi, Student
Raffles Institution
Economics (A-Levels)

Indigo JC math has benefited me immensely due to the vigorous and detailed lessons. The materials given were relevant to the current syllabus and provided insights on potentially challenging concepts, allowing students to be more equipped with the necessary knowledge to tackle exams.

Jiasheng, Student
National Junior College
Math (A-levels)

I was a private candidate and I joined Indigo's GP classes at Bukit Timah in 2020. Ijust want to convey my utmost gratitude to my tutors in Indigo, thank you for the guidance and all the tips for GP, they were really useful during the A-Level examinations, in which I eventually attained an A for GP and a total of 87.5 RP.

Ying Yi, Student
Private Candidate

The tutors are clear in explaining the analysis of different issues and answering techniques. The materials cover a wide range of topics, thus ensuring that we are prepared to tackle multiple types of questions. The current affairs section is very useful in deepening my understanding/ critically analysing world events which I can use in my essays. The tutors teach us how to approach an essay question (dissecting the questions as well as seeing it from multiple angles) and how to approach comprehension questions.

Kah May, Student
Eunoia Junior College
General Paper (A-levels)

Our Results

Our Passionate and Dedicated Team

Mr Samuel Lim
​Group Chairman & Principal of Indigo Education Group
  • ✦ Former Hwa Chong Institute Subject Head
  • ✦ Hwa Chong International School, Head of Faculty
  • ✦ Victoria JC GP teacher
Ms Shereen Ng
Deputy Principal of Indigo Education Group
  • ✦ More than 20 years of experience
  • ✦ Former GP teacher, Hwa Chong Institute
  • ✦ Former GP Level Head, Temasek JC
  • ✦ Former Higher Education Counselor, Raffles Institute
Mr William Lin
Head of Science
  • ✦ More than 17 years teaching experience
  • ✦ Founder and Managing Director of Making Sense
  • ✦ Featured in Channel NewsAsia and the Straits Times as Singapore's top Chemistry Super Tutor
Mr Peng Junyang
Head of Math
  • Founder of Math Academia
  • ✦ More than 8 years of teaching experience
  • ✦ MOE Award Nominee, Most Caring Teacher
Ms Stella Neo
Head of Economics
  • ✦ More than 25 years of teaching experience
  • Former lecturer in VJC, NJC, SAJC
  • ✦ BA in Economics from NUS

Open House: The Indigo Difference

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