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Our Testimonials

I like that their online lessons are not boring and tutors are engaging - even online! The worksheets are detailed and have a range of questions for ample practice. Tutors also work through solutions with us to show us our common mistakes.

Ng Yue Zhi Yuki
JC2, EJC, Mathematics

The notes are really concise which makes revision very efficient. They are organised in a way that content from each topic can be easily referred to. There are also a broad range of relevant examples for each topic which help me make my essays more substantial.

Seah Jia Yi

The tutors are engaging and provide detailed mathematical explanations. They willingly clarify my doubts on additional questions. The lessons are helpful and engaging. Thank you to the tutors for answering my questions even when it is past your working hours!

Lim Yingxi
JC2, ASRJC, Mathematics

Every tutor provides effective solutions that address my concerns regarding the subject matter. The weekly practices at Indigo helped to build up my confidence in my writing abilities. The effective and concise delivery of GP lesson content by the tutors have allowed me to expand my knowledge on current affairs so that I can write a greater variety of question types. I will continue to heed the good advice given by the tutors and strive to do well for my exams!

Krys Chen Ning
JC2, Private Candidate, GP

The teachers are kind and their teaching is both engaging and helpful. They teach well and it has improved my marks. Thank you to all my teachers who have help me to improve on my English from a D7 to a confident A2.

Sek Ming Qian
S4, SST, Exp English

Materials very succinct and clear, and any confusion I have about topics are usually cleared by tutors who are both approachable and friendly and knowledgeable in Chemistry.

Jin Kai

I enjoy the pace of the lessons. Our teacher is able to explain concepts clearly and effectively, allowing me to better understand the concepts. It is helpful to my studies. Concepts are clearly explained and each case study/essay is broken down thoroughly.

Hazelle Leong Qye-Lynn
JC2, HCI, Economics

The tutors break down the important parts of the materials thoroughly, helping me to understand better. Indigo is very exam focused and covers all aspects of GP well. The tutors are very dedicated to helping me improve :)

Pan Yuan

The teachers provide a wide range of materials and they are filled with passion during their lessons. The tutors supplement their teaching with comprehensive materials like activity worksheets and videos that make my learning process more effective. The overall Indigo experience has been pleasant.

Boo Wen Jun

The lessons are enjoyable and easy to understand! I look forward to having lessons every week and I am really thankful for all the effort, time and hard work the tutors put into each lesson! I really appreciate the time they set aside after lesson for us to ask on chemistry related work be it things we didn't understand in class, tutorial questions from school and even going through our papers with us. They share useful tips and tricks to help us study better and cope with the workload of A level. Once again thank you for clear teaching and guidance over the past year! The notes are also very useful in consolidating key points of the different topics especially the encyclopedias. The many practice questions also helped me to check if I really understood all the concepts and can apply them correctly!

JC2, RVHS, Chemistry

Extremely helpful and well-prepared teachers. It is clear that they are very experienced with helping students understand the subject of GP, as well as providing skills for them to excel at it! I am really grateful to have teachers that go over and beyond to make sure that we understand the material thoroughly as well as to find relevant and interesting current affairs to sustain our interest in class. Sessions here at Indigo have been very pleasant and helpful indeed! To add on, the materials provided are also very detailed and include a multitude of relevant examples that are both common and niche, allowing me to attain a wide variety of information when revising for examinations. Personally, what I really like about Indigo is that they focus both on paper 1 and 2. This way, neither sections would be neglected and the skills required for each paper are always covered in every lesson.


Students who experience academic success in a different light start right from the beginning of the term

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