As parents of Secondary 1 students, you must be feeling a mixture of pride and apprehension as they embark on this new phase of their educational journey.

To bridge the learning gaps between primary and secondary education, the first step is to be able to make informed decisions by being aware of the demands of Secondary Express syllabus.

The second step is learning how to help your child manage those demands, acquire new skills and build key foundations for optimal learning throughout secondary school.

Here at Indigo, we believe in working closely with all parents to make the most out of your child's secondary school education, nurturing your teenager’s confidence to realise their potential.

Our Learning System

✍️ Classroom Experience

Our teachers inspire an interest in their specialised subject through the implementation of research-based pedagogy within the classrooms. With the support of non-academic staff, our teachers focus on the art of teaching and helping students achieve their academic breakthroughs.

✍️ Study Materials

Indigo's notes and materials are updated and revised to keep up with current academic trends, needs and revised syllabus. They are curated to ensure students' efficient and effective learning. On top of that, Indigo's notes are structured, comprehensive and designed to help students build confidence and achieve academic excellence.

✍️ Out-Of-Class Support

We build strong support systems so you will never feel alone. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community. By ensuring parents take an active role in their children’s education, we are nurturing a supportive environment to help students achieve academic success through our extensive parent-student, online and offline engagement initiatives.

Our Testimonials

The lessons helped me improve my comprehension skills. Tutors used examples that were never boring and I began to enjoy writing and reading new material.

Taralekha, Student
Raffles Girls School
English (Sec 1 IP)

Tutors are quite friendly and clear in teaching, using materials which are simple to use for my revision.

Ethan, Student
Hwa Chong Institution
English (Sec IP)

Indigo has helped me improved my English foundation and built an interest in me to read up on current affairs. The teachers always use interesting materials to help me pay attention during the lesson.

Faith, Student
Nanyang Girls' High School
English (Sec IP)

The tutor’s explanation is clear and easy to understand. The materials provided are informative and contain a wide variety of current affairs and writing examples. The tutor always gets me to understand what the question means, and I learn to break down my response in steps and am less confused about what to write.

Gabriel, Student
Hwa Chong Institution
English (Sec IP)

Our Results

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