Main Programmes

Indigo JC tuition focuses on building and sharpening the skills that students need to go beyond memorisation and content learning. Our teaching and curriculum development team understand the key requirements of the A-Level exams and what is necessary to excel in Junior College.

Build strong foundations for your A-Level

The A-Level examinations is an important gateway to your preferred university or post-education route. As Junior College students, it is crucial for you to check that you are progressing on the right track in order to be ready for the A-Level.

Empower yourself with the right skills, avoid learning pitfalls, achieve your A-Level goals and excel beyond expectations.

Year 1 and 2

Preparing you for your A-Level exams, we will aim to keep you at the top of your cohort and achieve the distinctions that will help with university admissions and scholarships.

2024 JC Cut Off Points

  • Make an informed choice for your perfect transition to Junior College!
  • Avoid the transition stress, make informed decisions!
  • Set the stage for a successful academic journey and enter confidently into Junior College with Indigo!

Education is a marathon,
not a sprint.

It is dynamic, with challenges per subject and academic level to break through.
Not to worry. Those challenges are why we’re here—our through-train methodology
teaches you the skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, mindset to overcome them.

Discover even more opportunities to grow.