General Paper is the Hardest Subject to Score

Do you know the average A-Level distinction rate is only about 24%?

Unique Dual Teaching System

2 specialised teachers per session (For Paper 1 and Paper 2)

Weekly Essays

Wide-exposure of GP Essays (More than 30 per year)

Exam Techniques

Learn to apply Indigo's trademarked critical thinking structures for essay writing and application questions

Weekly Current Affairs

We distill current affair knowledge into usable points for examination. Carefully-curated based on current examination trends.

Designed for Busy Students

More than 10 time slots to choose from 7am sunrise class on weekends with General replacement and within the week makeup classes.


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A-Levels Examinations Crash Courses

Be well prepared for your upcoming prelims.
Get a clear picture of your own strengths and weaknesses.
Be just in time for the Prelims and rush no more.

Mathematics Crash Course

For JC2 Students

Clear and extensive coverage of key A-level axaminable topics .
Expect to apply your concepts to plenty of application questions.
Get a clear assessment and feedback of your progress.
Be just in time for the A-Levels!

Orange Intensive Programme

For JC2 Students

Be ready for the Prelims
with the most trusted & well-sought after GP learning centre
with high distinction rate of 60%,
well above national average of 25%!