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General Paper

Enter the A-Level exam hall with confidence. We will walk with you every step of the way, reinforcing all key answering techniques and revising all relevant topics so that you fulfil your true potential.

Many say you cannot study for General Paper

Looking for structured and concrete GP preparation? Look no further than INDIGO GP! Established in 2011, our critical thinking framework has helped thousands of students approach GP with confidence. Join the only centre of substance and distinction, with 12+ years of stellar A-Level results, top MOE-trained and award-winning teachers, and a unique dual teaching approach for success in both Paper 1 and 2. Start your journey towards A-Level GP distinction with INDIGO GP today.

Structured and Focused Lessons

Waste no time in research based group discussions (often conducted in school), every minute of in-class time is meaningfully spent.  Learn to apply Indigo’s trademarked critical thinking structures for essay writing and application techniques instead of memorising model essays! Harness your knowledge of current affairs to your advantage and master essential skills for Short Questions, Summary and Application Questions!

Indigo Pedagogy TM

A Structured Approach To An Abstract Subject

Contrary to popular thinking, GP can and should be conscientiously studied. Draw on Indigo’s tried-and- tested answering, planning, thinking, and writing skills and structures and develop the ability to apply what you know about the world to what is asked of you in GP exams.
We focus on teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays. Learn to apply Indigo's trademarked critical thinking structures and develop the ability to see the link between your in-depth knowledge about the world and address your arguments effectively in the GP examinations.

Unique dual teaching system 

Designed to enrich the learning experience with different perspectives and styles, each lesson is taught by two specialised GP teachers focusing on Paper 1 & 2. Ensure comprehensive coverage across all topics and encourage flexible thinking and application in line with the new GP syllabus (~40 essays per year).

Comprehensive Coverage

Encounter different topics, engage with different types of questions, and practise different techniques on a regular basis with us to master the most challenging components of the A-Level examination.

Quality Study Materials 

Essays: Quality And Quantity

Exposure to as many topics, as many types of questions, and as many tricks and twists as possible. Bring home excellent model essays that double up as revision notes and demonstrate ways to improve linguistic expression.

Comprehension: Conciseness and Consistency

Challenge yourself with our curated set of short questions, summary and application questions that train key answering techniques. ​

Current Affairs: Clarity And Complexity

A consolidated range of contemporary events for you to form an opinion on, clarify and contextualise advanced concepts, issues, and themes for you to draw on in the future. ​ ​ Put your newly-acquired ideas and insights into use with the list of relevant exam questions provided.

Robust out of class support 

Ala-carte Essay Marking Online Service

Get personalise feedback on your essay writing and watch your grades soar from practice by practice! Submit your essays for marking and gain a better understanding of your performance in accordance to the A-Level marking rubrics.

Termly Assessment and Feedback

Receive feedback on progress through termly assessments.

Complimentary Consultation Service

Complimentary consultation to clarify doubts, bridge the learning gaps and get specific guidance on areas for improvements without waiting for the next in-class session.

What Indigo students say

The frameworks and acronyms that Indigo taught me have helped me to generate ideas effectively even when facing unfamiliar and novel questions. Distinguishing the question types using the VIPERCJ model has also improved my question analysis skills, allowing me to target key terms and answer the question. In addition, model essays and current affairs notes have provided me with salient examples to use in essays. Furthermore, regular comprehension and summary practice, especially with past A level papers, has enabled me to hone my skills in timed conditions.

Yuan Haoer
RGS/ RI J2 Distinction for GP
Joined INDIGO English since Sec 1 IP

The answering techniques and real-world examples learned in Indigo have strengthened my essay arguments, making them more compelling and concrete! My tutor’s guidance and patience has helped me to develop a strong foundation towards tackling essay questions and creating effective outlines!

Vienna Ong
JC 2 2022 Economics Student

I wasn’t coping well and and got a U for my J1 Chemistry Promotional Exams. My tutor explained difficult concepts from scratch and debunked the common misconceptions students have. Even if it took him multiple attempts to explain difficult concepts, he was willing to do so. I am grateful that I eventually got an A for Chemistry at the A-level examinations.

Josiah Ang, HCI
Distinction for Chemistry

Indigo has prepared me well to tackle the weirdest and unconventional of questions with a measured approach.
Indigo has imparted many invaluable skills for my GP studies. Throughout my 5 years in Indigo, not only was I taught various answering techniques to conquer Paper 2, I was also exposed to a wide range of topics, all the way from politics to interesting topics like architecture. Indigo has also helped me keep up with the relevant current affairs, keeping me afloat on the happenings of today, while offering new and novel perspective to these issues. All these certainly played a crucial role in allowing me to eventually ace the papers!

Joon Kew Cheng, HCI
Indigo JC 2 2022 GP Student
Joined Indigo since Sec 2 IP

My tutors has helped me improved my mathematics by always guiding me and making sure I understand my mistakes. The lessons are interesting and we were taught tips and tricks to tackle every question

Ignatius Chia
Nan Hua High School, Catholic Junior College
Distinction for Mathematics Indigo JC 2022

Switching to Indigo Chemistry was definitely one if the best choices I made in JC. My tutor can break down complex concepts down to details we can understand. The notes provided are top notch and objective, being very exam centric and covering many commonly asked questions as well as commonly misunderstood concepts. I have never gotten higher than a C in my school exams, but I got an A in A level.
Through my tutor’s explanations as well as the amazing GP notes, I was able to score an A in GP (I have never gotten above a B). The indigo GP notes — although long— are actually filled with great case studies and evaluations. The current affairs section also enhances our general knowledge — important for the mastery of the GP.

Dylon Koh, DHS
Distinction for Chemistry and GP
Indigo JC 2022

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