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Our curriculum is taught in accordance with MOE’s syllabus as well as our CSC Pedagogy. Performance monitoring through topical tests and feedback.

Only 1 in 2 students will score an 'A' for H2 Mathematics

A key tenet of our pedagogy is the understanding of key concepts and first principles that drive mathematical logic. Like rules of syntax and grammar that govern language, there are mathematical rules that a mathematics student will need to master. At Indigo JC, we are able to help our students meet that expectation. Designed to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in H2 Mathematics, experience a quantum leap in your grades and lay a strong foundation for JC Mathematics today!

Key features


We train our students to be confident in mathematical logic, and sharp in these concepts for exam-standard application and unfamiliar contexts.


This is particularly important with the recently revised A-Level 9758 H2 Mathematics syllabus that introduces a new focus on the application of math theory into hypothetical scenarios.


Challenging students to go beyond problem solving and memorising standard formulas.


Our H2 Mathematics Excellence Programme (weekly) helps students build the necessary foundation of mathematics concepts and stretch their potential in the Indigo classroom.

Indigo Pedagogy TM

Concept-based Learning

Concept-based learning to approach question types that are typically tested in national exams.

Scaffolded Lessons

Scaffolded lessons to bridge the gap between Secondary Math to Junior College level.

Exposure To Higher-Order Questions

Curated exposure toward new, unfamiliar question types help in preparation for harder, non-routine, integrated A-Level questions.

Quality Study Materials

Topical Revision Notes

Concise and comprehensive summary sheets are provided at the end of every chapter to facilitate easier revision.

Tiered Questioning

Questions are also sorted and labelled in ascending orders of difficulty, ensuring that fundamentals are learnt well before being tested.

Homework on Demand

Consolidated practices are also included at the end of every topic to help reinforce concepts learnt and gauge individual understanding.

Robust Out-of-Class support 

Video Solutions

Complete video solutions are provided for all our tutorial and ‘Advanced’ Level questions.

Telegram Support

Students can ask questions whenever they arise without waiting for the next session.

Complimentary Consultations

Offered to bridge any gaps in learning that a student might have when joining a term midway.

Lesson Coverage

The entire JC Math curriculum in accordance with MOE’s syllabus but taught in line with Indigo Math’s CSC pedagogy. Performance monitoring through topical tests and feedback.

Our programme leads students towards mastery through a meticulously structured, step- by-step approach to each topic. Designed to cover the syllabus by June of Year 2, students are afforded abundant time for meticulous exam review, concept clarification, and the refinement of exam skills.

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Hear From Our Student Achievers

During Math lessons, my tutor helped me to understand math much better and gain more confidence in doing math, which made my math grades improve over this short one and a half years. He is a also really friendly and never failed to bring laughter to the class, making me feel less stressed during lesson and also making learning very conducive. Thank you Indigo!

Vivi, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Indigo Junior College 2 Mathematics student (2022)

The lessons are well-structured and easy to understand. My math improved drastically in a short span of six months.

My tutor always checks on me to make sure I am in pace with his lessons, and I never hesitate to consult him after lessons whenever I have doubts to clarify. He doesn't make it seem like a chore that he has to answer my numerous questions, but instead, he always seems happy that I have questions to ask. Thanks to Indigo, I got an A for math for A-Levels, despite struggling in math throughout JC!

Sheryl, National Junior College

Indigo Junior College 2 Mathematics student (2022)

The lessons at Indigo are helpful; my tutor explains answers step by step, and will patiently repeat or add in extra details to clarify confusions. There are always different topics covered every lesson, which helps to refresh my memory of older topics, ensuring that I have a well-rounded understanding of the subject overall and how topics overlap with each other.

Swen, Catholic Junior College

Indigo Junior College 2 Mathematics student (2022)

I like how the practice questions are arranged by their order of difficulty which serves as a measure of proficiency in each topic.

This is especially useful before an exam because you can just flip back and do more targeted revision on the segments that you’re weaker in. The notes are also organised in such a way that the actual content come before the worked examples and practice questions, so there’s a very nice flow from starting with core concepts to exam-leveled questions.

Xin Yi, Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Indigo Junior College 2 Mathematics student (2022)


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