GP Foundation

The gap between secondary English and A-Levels General Paper is wide. Our programme has a sharp focus in building a strong foundation for General Paper from the upper secondary levels to ensure a smooth transition into JC GP.

Unique Dual Teaching System

2 specialised teachers per session to focus on comprehension and essay skills

Weekly Essays

Wide exposure of essays (~ 30 per year). Specially designed for Sec3-4 IP students to be equipped with the skills and structure required of expository writing for ‘A’ level H1 General Paper.

Weekly Current Affairs

Distilled current affairs knowledge by topics, carefully-curated based on current trends.
Applicable in the examinations, scholarship, medicine/ law school interviews.

Proven Critical Thinking Model

Learn a proven structured, critical thinking model to approach the Essay and Application Questions.


Our Results

The Indigo Experience - Trial Class Available

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    Modular Programmes

    Acquire & master critical examinations skills and techniques!
    We offer a wide range of Intensive Academic Programmes and workshops across all levels.
    These programmes and workshops are designed and crafted by our highly regard and accomplished curriculum team
    to target topics, critical examination skills and techniques.
    Well-known for our robust curriculum, dynamic teaching and academic rigour, Indigo has established a tradition of academic excellence with the most number of distinctions attained by our very own students.