With our Advanced Learning pedagogy, we aim to stretch our students beyond the IP syllabus and prime them for what is required at the A-Level exams.

Master your content

Indigo's ARM method to memorize the basics

Identify deceptive context

Drills designed to help student to recognize key words to concepts

Constant exposure

Increased exposure of application questions

Assessment and Recommendations

Assessment and feedback to condition for exams and monitor progress and make timely recommendations

The Indigo Science Advantage

✏️ Classroom Experience

- Learning ahead for easy transition to year 3/4

- Integration between chapters

- Exposure to more application questions

- Breakdown of topics into Distinct Concepts

- Concept Check - to build answering technique

- Use of technology


✏️ Quality Study Materials

- Focus on application questions over recall questions

- Full paper drills including essay-type questions for exposure

- Short timed trials

- Practical related questions

- Concise and comprehensive materials designed by Curriculum and Assessment unit


✏️ Robust Out-of-Class Support

- Complimentary face-to-face consultations

- Telegram channel

- Active Recall Learning App

Our Stellar Results - Indigo 2022 A-Level Results

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