Mathematics is not only about the lack of practice. The question types you practise and the way you understand Math concepts matter

Difficulty in grasping concepts

Poor grasp of fundamental mathematical knowledge and skills which are crucial in solving questions.

Lack of proficiency in applying concepts to questions

Students struggle with contextual questions, especially the 12 mark question at the end of the paper.

Insufficient practice under exam conditions

Students lack both speed and accuracy in answering exam questions.

Poor Presentation of Answers

Students may understand the concepts, know the answer to the question, but are unable to present their answers appropriately.

Main challenges

Don't procrastinate further and seek help from us before it's too late!

Designed for Specific School Syllabus

We run different mathematics syllabus in each class in order to suit the specific needs of different schools.

Advanced Teaching

We teach topics in advance of the school's syllabus to ensure a comprehensive coverage of each topic.

Exam Focused Syllabus

Students require more practice for higher order thinking questions under timed conditions. Students will also learn strategies and presentation skills for Mathematics in order to score in the examinations.

How we can help


Students are taught to identify the common mistakes at the start of each topic. A sharp focus on concepts also help prevent careless mistakes.


The right blend of questions benchmarked against top school papers to ensure a strong foundation in concepts and build students' confidence in answering higher order questions.


Learn all the shortcuts you need in order to answer various Mathematics questions in the fastest and most accurate way possible.


Our weekly time based practice is designed to train students to identify and complete mathematics questions within a time frame to allow a 30 minutes buffer in 3 hour exams.

Our curriculum

What to expect in Indigo classrooms

Content Mastery

Tutor introduces the math topic to students

Basic concepts, common errors and misconceptions are covered


Attempt example questions and eventually higher-order thinking questions

Solutions, shortcuts, tips and tricks to tackle these questions effectively


Personalised feedback on how to improve your approach to solving problems, and presentation of your answers

Bringing you targeted feedback so we are aware of your learning progress to help you stay ahead

The tutors are very thorough and detailed in their teaching, which thus allows me to clear all my doubts almost immediately. I really like that they do not simply spoon-feed us with answers and model solutions. Instead, they explain and link concepts, and breaks down complex ideas in simple ways. With their help, even tackling seemingly difficult questions becomes easy.

Lu Meng Meng
Nanyang Girls' High

The materials are very comprehensive and the tutors are highly effective in the delivery of lessons. I have benefitted so much attending classes here. Thank you Mr Liw for always putting the utmost effort in helping us with any queries we have, as well as constantly motivating and encouraging us!

Merzey Lim
Methodist Girls' School

He explains in a clear and concise manner, such that I am able to grasp concepts a lot better. I am very appreciative of the guidance I have received from Indigo's tutors!

How Jing Yi
Crescent Girls' School

Indigo's materials are very relevant and useful. The practice questions are pretty challenging as well. I would not have felt as prepared for my examinations without my tutors' help. Moreover, they have an extensive list of lesson slots to choose from, so it is rather hassle-free for me when attending classes here.

Liu Jun Wei
Commonwealth Secondary School

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