The Distinguishing Factor

GP is a key distinguishing factor in entering their choice course and school.
Look no further than the Indigo Red Crash Course that will help you to build momentum and intensity to achieve your desired grades in this final lap.

Applicable critical thinking models

More than content now, its all about application and exam strategies

Content coverage

Extensive coverage of topics based on exam trends
Save time on revision

Well-paced to prepare you for prelims

5 additional sessions before the prelims

Build Momentum to peak at the A-Levels

10 additional sessions before the A-Levels

Why join?

Our Dynamic Approach

How we do it

Helmed by experienced, credible teachers

Mr Samuel LIM

Group Principal & IP Eng and GP teacher

Award winning MOE trained teacher

with more than 21 years of teaching

Former VJC GP teacher

Former HCI Subject Head

Former HCIS Head of Faculty

Ms Shereen Ng

Head, Department of English and GP

MOE trained teacher with more than 15 years of teaching

Former HCI GP teacher / Former TJC GP teacher

& GP Level Co-ordinator

RI Higher Education Counselor

High quality GP notes

Gospel of GP - We distill information into usable points for your examination.

Save time from researching on GP topics, we've got that covered for you! High quality notes that will guide you in your thought process and cut down on your revision time during this crucial period.

Your in-class experience

Highly structured curriculum to ensure efficiency in learning. In class experience designed to stretch and challenge you to brainstorm within a recommended timing.

Feedback is key

Submit your online A-La-Carte Essay anytime and we will have them marked to help verify your thought processes, language and clarity in writing. Getting feedback on your work is half the battle cleared.

Success Stories

Your results matter to us
See your grades jump
Achieve your distinction

Indigo, thank you for everything not just in terms of the grades but for your value add in other aspects of my education. Thank you for everything you have taught me in the extremely short time I was with Indigo. You really enabled me to think and write better:)

Sheikh Hafsa

General Paper


I got a distinction for GP. Indigo, thank you for making GP such an interesting subject with your enthusiastic teachers!

Olivia Sim

General Paper

NJC J2'19

Indigo's constant drilling on key points and amazing solid notes were a huge help for me!! Iโ€™ve always been quite weak in GP in JC. Indigo's notes helped substantiate my points as well as built my skills in tackling comprehension/AQ really saved me during A-levels!! Definitely recommending INDIGO to my juniors:)

Ng Yunqi, Chloe

General Paper

CJC J2'19

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