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Up to 40% of Indigo General Paper students are from RI
7 in 10 RI Indigo students scored an ‘A’ for General Paper

The Indigo Advantage - RI / RGS

Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays

Quality Study Materials

We encourage flexible thinking and application (in line with the new syllabus) 

We do weekly coverage of both Paper 1 & 2 components (~40 essays per year)

We ensure comprehensive coverage across all topics

Robust Out-of-Class Support

Submit ala-carte essay scripts for marking and feedback

Book a complimentary 1-to-1 consultation with our tutors

Flexible replacement classes and booster lesson schedule

Complimentary Sec 2 IP Study Pack

Calling all Indigo Sec 2 IP RI students

To help prepare students for the Visual Text component tested, Indigo has prepared a complimentary Visual Text study pack for you, along with an accompanying teaching video.

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Hear from our past batches of RI students who experience the Indigo Advantage

"Indigo has helped me obtain the Top GP award among a cohort of 1200 in RI and eventually an A in A-Level!

I joined Indigo in Sec 2 with hopes of improving my English grade - and improved more than I wished for! Indigo helped me widen my vocabulary and l also learned the art of remaining clear in communication yet using accurate and felicitous language. The learnings from Indigo could be immediately applied to my school exams, where I was better equipped to tackle challenging questions and ace the essay. Thank you Indigo for this 5-year journey together, and I will be always grateful for their continued support! Go Indigo!"
S Visakan, RI
Indigo JC 2 2022 GP StudentA for A-Level GP with 90 RP and H3 DistinctionJoined Indigo since Sec 2 IP EngBest in GP award (RI JC 1 2021)
"The frameworks and acronyms that Indigo taught me have helped me to generate ideas effectively!

Distinguishing the question types using the VIPERCJ model has also improved my question analysis skills, allowing me to target key terms and answer the question. In addition, model essays and current affairs notes have provided me with salient examples to use in essays. Furthermore, regular comprehension and summary practice, especially with past A-Level papers, has enabled me to hone my skills in timed conditions"
Yuan Haoer, RI
Indigo JC 2 2022 GP Student A for A-Level GP Joined Indigo since Sec 1 IP (RGS)
"Indigo's GP resources are holistic and GP Orange Programme helped me bridge the gap! There is even a possibility for students who joined late to attend JC 1 GP lessons concurrently!

I managed to get an A for GP and I couldn't have done it without Indigo's guidance! Indigo is also one of the few learning centres that constantly tries to seek better service and improvement!"
Celyn Chng, RI
Indigo GP JC 2 2022 Orange Programme Student A for A-Level GP

Our Stellar Results - Indigo 2022 A-Level Results