S3 Exp: Advanced Learning Programme

Start early and stay ahead of your peers! Learn more in less time and clarify your doubts before it is too late. Look forward to early revision and strategic practices with our Advanced Learning programmes.

English, 16 - 18 March, 10 am - 1 pm, RS


This programme will help students to reinforce different components of the essay writing such as Discursive and Argumentative writing. They will be provided with the structure and answering techniques to identify the question types and knowing how to respond them.

Students will also be exposed to the different comprehension texts where they will practice texts 1, 2 and 3. They will also know how to identify the different question types such that they have the necessary keywords to answer the questions.


Existing Indigo Student: $430* (only available for students who enrolled from mid Jan)
New Student: $430* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies


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    This programme is very intensive but extremely helpful in improving my English. The materials provided are good and I like the teacher. I hope there are more crash courses available for me to join in the future.

    Sec 4, Commonwealth Secondary School
    English Crash Course

    The notes were jam-packed with content and they gave me plenty of practice. The teacher was helpful, informative and approachable.

    Emma Ong
    Sec 4, MGS,
    English Crash Course

    It was quite useful in helping me better understand how to tackle comprehensions and essays. The notes are effective and the teachers are extremely competent. I am satisfied with my learning experience throughout this course.

    Zachary Cheong
    Sec 4, ACS (Barker)
    Express English Crash Course

    The programme is informative and the teacher gave me effective tips on how to improve my writing ability. I learned good answering techniques for comprehension. I enjoyed this course very much!

    Ernest Sim
    Sec 4, West Spring Secondary School
    Express English Crash Course

    The teacher went through the syllabus in an in-depth manner and I was provided with adequate practice. The tips given to me were very useful! 10/10!

    Sec 4 Express, Meridian Secondary
    Express English Crash Course